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HOW TO:Exchange Migration from Existing Exchange to Hosted Exchange Managed by MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary for Exchange Migration from Existing Exchange to Hosted Exchange Managed by MachPanel.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build 5.2.10 and above.

Steps to perform Migration

We suggest to follow the steps below for an improved migration with smooth transactions.

Migration Option 1 (recommended):

  • Navigate to Home >> Service Director >> Exchange Hosting >> Server group and then click on Edit.
  • Click to expand the Optional settings section and Set Platform Access Domain in MachPanel Server Group Configuration as per KB: See the snapshot below:

  • Enable “Create email alias on provider domain” in your service plan which needs to be sold to your customer.

  • In MachPanel, create new customer account using original SMTP/Accepted Domain "".
  • An alias / temporary accepted domain will be automatically added with this subscription and every time you create a new mailbox, an alias for that mailbox will be added to your provider domain.  
  • Mails can be migrated from client’s current exchange to hosted mailboxes created in MachPanel using the mailbox alias created on provider domain.   
  • Once migration has been completed, the aliases can be removed and original mailbox will start working as needed.

Migration Option 2:

  • In MachPanel, provision new customer account using temporary SMTP/Accepted Domain "".
  • Migrated emails from clients current exchange to hosted mailboxes created in MachPanel.
  • In MachPanel, add new SMTP/accepted domain "" to customer and configure as primary using control panel.
  • Using MachPanel change primary SMTP mailbox from "" to "". Snapshot below highlights your required section in “Group Actions”.

  • Remove domain “"

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