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HOW TO:Importing Skype4B into MachPanel via Import Utility.

Mudesira Munir


This article provides information for using Skype4B (Lync) Import Utility for importing Skype4B users in MachPanel.

Applies To

MachPanel Version 5.4.10 and above.


  • At least one Skype4B Service Plan should be created. To import common domain please create common domain service plan and in the plan specify the root OU. See KB for more details:
  • The customer account should be present.
  • For Lync Enterprise 2010 & 2013, Comments of Federated Allowed/Blocked Domains at server should start with organization name and a "-". e.g. "OrgName-"
  • FQDN of Persistent Chat Server is required for chat categories & chat rooms.
  • FQDN of Application Server is required for response groups and queues.
  • Names of chat categories, chat rooms, response groups and queues should start with organization name and a "-". e.g. "OrgName-" 
  • You must move the organization under the “Hosting” OU by creating a new OU for your organization under hosting OU and then move all its objects there. In short, the organization users/OU should be in same structure as any organization created via the control panel, meaning that the LDAP path set in MachPanel for Skype4B (Lync) Server Group should be same as the organization you are trying to import, or better, you should move the organization to same LDAP path as set in MachPanel.
  • Please check advanced properties of OU of your Skype4B (Lync) Organization and check that the uPNSuffixes attribute contains the value of your organization’s Domain Name.

Following is an example from our test lab:

If the value is not there, add it and check import for Skype4B (Lync) again.

  • Common Domain Import scenario: Similarly in case of Common domain, you have to create the Root for Common OU and then create an organization OU containing the actual users/objects that need to be imported as shown below:

If above details are followed correctly, you should be able to successfully import a Skype4B (Lync) organization to MachPanel.


* It is strongly recommended that to import a test organization first as a Proof of Concept.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to bulk import Skype4B (Lync) users:

1) Open MachPanel Control Panel, log in as Provider and navigate to Home » Import Utilities » Skype4B. In Step-1 provide the Import Settings as shown in the snapshot below:

  • Select the Owner (i.e. Provider or any Reseller).
  • Select the Skype4B(Lync) Server where the users exists.
  • Provide regular LDAP URL for normal domain and click Next. For Common Domain, Specify the LDAP of the Root Common Domain OU. In above example (prerequiste) it should be as:  OU=CommondomainOu,OU=Hosting,DC=pss-lab2016,DC=local

2) In Step-2 enter the customer's domain name, select the customer, associate a service plan and then click on Import link.

3) In Step-3 select User for each organization and finally click on Next button:

4) In Step-4 select billing/subscription preference for each organization and finally click on Finish button to import the organization in MachPanel:

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