HOW TO:CSP Profile Configuration

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HOW TO:CSP Profile Configuration


This article provides summary on how to add and configure CSP (Cloud Service Provider)

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v5.6.30.

CSP \ Office 365 Profile Configuration 

  • Navigate to the following Path: Home » System Configuration » Microsoft CSP Profiles and Click Add CSP Profile to add a new CSP Profile in MachPanel:

  • Profile Name : Here Provide the name of CSP profile.
  • Service Account (Username and Password): This shall be a user account in Microsoft Azure other than the partner default admin account. For service account permissions in Microsoft Azure Portal, please visit our KB article here.

Add CSP Service Plan

  • Add a new CSP Product from the following path: Home » Service Plans » MicroSoft CSP Products

  • Choose correct O365 Partner Profile.

  • If you want to "Linked with local organizations" & "Handle DNS" Enable both section.. 

  • Sync Offers/Addons from O365 if not listed all, Enable Offers and Add-ons as per requirement, click Next & complete the plan.

Note: In case you face error "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object" on NEXT, follow Kb to resolve this issue first:

  1. Only one locale & country is allowed for single plan, if you want to sell any customer multiple plan you must change the locale & country.
  2. You can create profile for different locale and country and then add it your new service plan. You will be able to sell multiple service plan to same reseller based on locale and country.

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