RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v5.5.23 Release Notes (November 4, 2016)

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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v5.5.23 Release Notes (November 4, 2016)

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Major Enhancements
  4. Improvements\New Features
  5. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  6. Known Issues
1. Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.5.20 or earlier
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.5.20 or earlier

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Important Note:

All previous hot-fixes are included in this build.

3. Major Enhancements

    • New Module: Windows Server 2016 support added in VPS module.
    • Ability to impersonate as reseller using provider API settings added. This will allow provider to run different API calls on behalf of reseller without configuring API for resellers.

      a.    For this a new field is added in MPAuthenticationHeader “ImpersonateAsResellerId”. By-default it should be 0 to run API calls using API credentials of Provider.

      b.    If you want to execute an operation like Subscribe a service for a Customer of Reseller using API and provider credentials, set ImpersonateAsResellerId to CustomerId of Reseller as shown in Reseller listing interface.

      c.    All existing clients using WHMCS need to modify MachPanelClientHandler.php file (File location: WHMCS Installation Folder/Modules/Servers/MachPanel), add a line as shown below:

            $authParams = array();
            $authParams['UserName'] = $this->user;
            $authParams['UserPassword'] = $this->pwd;
            $authParams['AuthenticationToken'] = '';
            $authParams['CompanyId'] = '0';
            $authParams['EmployeeId'] = '0';
            $authParams['ImpersonateAsResellerId'] = '0';

    Note: All client using API or WHMCS need to set their API calls as mentioned above.

    4. Improvements\New Features

    • General (ADSync, API, Billing, HelpDesk, Active Directory)
    • Enhancement: Cascade settings for all resellers option added in Home » System Configuration » Built-in Modules. If checked and clicked on Save the settings done by Provider will be copied for all resellers. Example provider has turn off Online Help and Cascade Settings is checked. Online Help will get disabled for all resellers. Also it will be disabled for any new reseller created later on.
    • Enhancement: "Effect on account" while cancelling invoice has been removed to solve anomalies caused by this feature.
    • Enhancement: Show profile and edit profile access permission added in Customer/Reseller access permissions for AD User interface.
    • Enhancement: Reduced no. of automatic attempts for Job/Service Queue processing from 100 to 10.
    • Enhancement: Enable ADSync option added for Reseller and Customer. Option will be visible if allowed in Reseller/Customer access permissions.
    • Enhancement: Added option to enable Staff Users management in Staff roles. If not allowed, the employee cannot Add Staff user or Edit any other Staff user except himself.
      • Exchange
      • Enhancement: Sell Bulk Addons to All Customers under all Owners added in Bulk Sell Addons to Customers.
      • Enhancement: SGMemberId in ExchangeHosting table is updated with SGMemberId of any enabled server when a server is disabled in Server Group. This will solve problems in Exchange Usage report processing when server is disabled. Also user can delete an unwanted server with ease.
      • Enhancement: From field exception added in Exchange disclaimer configuration.
      • Enhancement: An option to allow Application impersonation management is added in Add/Edit Exchange Service Plan.
      • Skype for Business\Lync\OCS
        • Office 365
          • VPS (Hyper - V)
            • HostMatic\ Shared Hosting

            5.  Resolved\Fixed Issues

            • General( API, Billing, Help-desk, Active Directory)
            • Fixed Group Actions Owner column redirect to wrong Customer.
            • Fixed permission template missing error in Customer detail screen after import.
            • Fixed Error on cancelling subscription "Operation failed. Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric." while billing is off.
            • Fixed require field validation missing on Payment Cycle, Payment Group step.
            • Fixed showing reseller packages in upgrade/downgrade section in all add/edit packages interface.
            • Exchange
            • Fixed Mailbox Templates assigned through Add-ons do not appear in drop down while creating a mailbox
            • Fixed Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” On clicking button “Add Bulk Distribution List”.
            • Fixed Sync from backend, cancel job does not update status from pending to cancelled.
            • Fixed Bulk contact with internal email outside domain does not give error.
            • Fixed Litigation Hold date format issue in German Locale.
            • Fixed Shared and Resource mailbox appear in Add mailbox though quota not available.
            • Fixed LastLogonTime not updating in DB.
            • Fixed no record found error in cancel addon fixed: No records found (CSP_GetTemplateMapping ...).
            • Fixed Mailbox not created properly when we create new mailbox using an email address that was previously used as email alias of a mailbox.
            • Fixed searchable listbox not showing all items and reverted searchable listbox with old selectable/selected 2 lists interface with buttons due to select all and select none was taking too long when number of options were large.
            • Fixed Add mail contact with an apostrophe in its external email address into Distribution list does not show in panel.
            • Skype for Business\Lync\OCS
            • Fixed Object Reference issue while pressing Add Workflow button.
            • Fixed Missing Voice & Conferencing Policies on Add/Edit SfB User.
            • Fixed Duplicate Conferencing Policies issue in Add/Edit SfB Plan.
            • Fixed Edit Resources issue for Voice & Conferencing policy.

              • SharePoint
              • HostMatic\Web-hosting

              6.  Known Issues


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