RELNOTES: MachPanel Build v5.5.20 Release Notes (October 6, 2016)

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RELNOTES: MachPanel Build v5.5.20 Release Notes (October 6, 2016)

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Major Enhancements
  4. Improvements\New Features
  5. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  6. Known Issues
1. Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.4.10
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.4.10

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Important Note:

All previous hot-fixes between 5.4.10 HF1 and 5.4.10 HF5 are included in this build.  For details/list of fixes and enhancements added in those hot-fixes, please check the link below:

3. Major Enhancements

  • Active Directory Objects (OU/Users/groups) Import functionality added
  • Fix/Dynamic VHD, Static/Dynamic memory handling added in VPS module
  • Multiple subscriptions of same module for Subscription based Resellers are now supported
  • Mailbox resources are separated in three different categories making it possible to have different quota and pricing for each:
  • User/Linked Mailboxes
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Resource Mailboxes
  • Improved Resource handling for all MachPanel modules (Removed per organization/domain Recourse settings). Steps to create and sell Shared/Resource Mailboxes via Add-ons:
  • Group jobs for Users/Mailboxes added in O365 module

4. Improvements\New Features

  • General (ADSync, API, Billing, HelpDesk, Active Directory)
  • Enhancement: Implement missing audit logs in Employee edit, customer /customer contact edit.
  • New Feature: Cancel job functionality added for Jobs related to Active Directory module, like Sync from local AD.
  • Enhancement: Logging of all operations performed by End User is done in Audit Logs.
  • New Enhancement: Sync sold package/add-on resources option edit in Plan/Add-on add/edit. If checked, editing plan resources will update resources for all sold plan copies.
  • New Feature: A new interface to sell add-ons to multiple subscriptions of different Customers added.
  • New Feature: Bulk selling Add-ons to Resellers added for Provider.
  • Enhancement: Configure Notification SMTP Address for Control Panel Backup Notification added in Configuration Studio.
  • New Feature: Reseller/Client Subscription resources over quota report added.
  • Enhancement: Updated services logging, disabled logs being created for modules not being used.
  • Enhancement: Updated reseller resources display in license page.
  • Enhancement: Added Customer and owner's Email, phone in usage reports exported data
  • Enhancement: Implemented forget password for end user control panel. User will need to login and set alternate email for this feature.
  • Enhancement: Implemented JavaScript selection replacing Selectable/Selected server side handling in add/edit Plans and addons of all Modules
  • Enhancement: Storage and Max item quota values are enforced as per specified in plan/add-on based on Mailbox type.
  • New Feature:  Option to automatic processing of Misc subscription from Service Queue added in Misc Plan Add/edit.
  • Enhancement: Access permissions for reseller added to control access to enable/disable Billing, Help-desk and API.
  • Enhancement: Option added to skip generating ticket or Customer account if email is not from a valid user in Panel.
  • Enhancement: Add-on templates are updated to have types of User/Linked, Resource & shared mailboxes too
  • Enhancement: Implemented separate email template for Add-on quantity reduced.
  • Enhancement: Force client browser to update CSS and JavaScript on each updated deployment implemented.
  • New Feature: Resource/Shared mailboxes are separated to two different resources as Resource Mailbox & Shared Mailbox
  • Enhancement: Implemented paging and sorting on Documents and online payments interfaces and optimized their Get SPs.
  • Enhancement: Active directory module management without configuring any enterprise module done.
  • New Feature: Active directory Organization import functionality added.
  • Enhancement: Journaling management in mailbox group actions added.
  • New Feature: Logging configuration from within panel instead of going to registry added.
  • New Feature: Implemented group jobs for users/mailboxes in O365 module.
  • Enhancement: Implemented module subscribed checks for end customer, if module is subscribed then its corresponding menu link and reporting icons on dashboard, will be appear else not.
  • Enhancement: Added function in API to get subscription resources and their usage
  • Enhancement: IP added in log message to identify server connected in Service Queue and Group Jobs, GetObject call will also log IP if connection failed.
  • Enhancement: If subscription is on hold/suspended/disabled, provider/reseller/customer should be able to navigate to management page, but will see 1st tab (general info) only, all other tabs should be hidden.
  • Enhancement: Appropriate error message is shown when updating password via AD-sync and password does not meet complexity requirement instead of generic error of AD.
  • Exchange
  • Enhancement: Introduced Office and Job Title as attribute in Dynamic Distribution list management.
  • Enhancement: Template association with Subscription instead of Customer done.
  • Enhancement: Exchange resources handling based on Mailbox Type done. User and Linked mailbox resources cannot be used for Shared and Resource Mailboxes.
  • New Feature: Multiple subscriptions for same module but different server versions for Subscription Reseller added. For example you can subscribe a reseller for Ex2013 and Ex2016 at same time.
  • Enhancement: Mailbox Last Login time in Mailbox Usage Report added.
  • New Feature: Active Sync devices management added under Mailbox Management.
  • Enhancement: Unlimited option added for Exchange limits in Add-on like. MaximumRecipients.
  • Enhancement: Add alias on provider domain when DL is created using Bulk CSV, if settings are enabled in package.
  • Enhancement: Extended the mailbox search to active directory values like company, department, street, city, job title etc.
  • Enhancement: Room mailbox delegates handling added in room mailbox management
  • New feature: Bulk create email alias added under mailbox group operations.
  • Enhancement: Provided ability to change "Name" of contact and as per name contact LDAP will also be updated.
  • Enhancement: Changing a Distribution list email address will change the AD name and LDAP accordingly.
  • Skype for Business\Lync\OCS
  • Enhancement: Added Sync Button under rooms to Sync Rooms from backend.
  • Enhancement: Ability to enable/disable Call reports feature via Customer/Reseller access templates added.
  • Enhancement: Extension column added in Bulk Skype4Business user CSV.
  • Enhancement: Phone Numbers Formatting to distinguish fully available numbers from extension numbers.
  • New Feature: Voice and Conferencing Policies are per user instead of per subscription.
  • Enhancement: Settings in Skype4B Package to allow/disallow LineUri extension in subscription
  • Office 365
  • Enhancement: Implement Sync Domains, Policies, Roles function in client side.
  • Enhancement: Update O365 user Usage Location whether license is assigned to it or not
  • New Feature: Auto reply management added in O365 mailbox management.
  • New Feature: Calendar permissions management added under O365 mailbox management
  • VPS (Hyper - V)
  • Enhancement: Fix/dynamic VHD handling added in service Plan.
  • Enhancement: Static and Dynamic memory specification added in VPS Module service plan and management.
  • HostMatic\ Shared Hosting

Enhancement: Review of Shared Hosting Usage Reports, Improvements in existing report and new Detailed Usage Report is added to show detailed usage of resources.

5.  Resolved\Fixed Issues

  • General( API, Billing, Help-desk, Active Directory)
  • Fixed: Unhandled error on job processing (on click of service queue run button) of cancel subscription job when subscription was not provisioned.
  • Fixed: Fixed JavaScript error issue when clicking on different tabs in Billing Manager-Documents.
  • Fixed: Https in API URL is supported in MP spam filter provider settings.
  • Fixed: Test Service results show same server result multiple times solved.
  • Fixed: Clicking on InvoiceId or Type not working in client side, Proper redirection to billing history/detail is performed on click.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where Creation Time is removed from Mailbox Creation Date field.
  • Fixed: Problem after delete User and recreate "CNAME already exists" solved.
  • Exchange

  • Fixed: Reseller isn't able to download/export Usage reports
  • Fixed: Object already exists Issue when UPN is updated for mailbox. (AD problems)
  • Fixed: A template with similar name already exists on editing a template.
  • Skype for Business\Lync\OCS
  • Fixed: Call Date and Time Missing in Call Report.
  • Fixed: Invalid display number format in add/edit workflow.
  • Fixed: Different SIP address and Sign in name handling fixed.
  • Fixed: Issue fixed assigning phone number to bulk users in Group Actions.
  • SharePoint

Fixed: Apostrophe issue in SharePoint portal name handled.

  • HostMatic\Web-hosting

Fixed large size icon under domains tab in Web-hosting subscription details.

6.  Known Issues


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