RELNOTES:MachPanel 5.4.10 Release Notes (March 21, 2016)

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RELNOTES:MachPanel 5.4.10 Release Notes (March 21, 2016)

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Major Enhancements
  4. Improvements\New Features
  5. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  6. Known Issues
1. Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.3.10
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.3.10

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

3. Major Enhancements

  1. Major performance enhancements done by optimizing the initial load mechanisms for all pages.
  2. SharePoint 2016 (RTM) Integration and Management
  3. Office 365 Support Added. For more details please review KB article:
  4. SQL 2016 (RC 1), IIS 10 (TP4) and MS FTP10 (TP4) Services Support added under MachPanel Web Hosting

4. Improvements\New Features

  • General (ADSync, API, Billing)
  • ADSync “Selected By Default” fields(First name, Last name, display name and Password)
  • Unique ADSync template name
  • API URL is now configurable in ZarinPal gateway configuration
  • API Calls for Add/edit/manage/delete AD Organizations and users
  • Configuration to purge older MachPanel backups automatically
  • Multiple domains(Comma separated Domains name input) in Add/Edit Active Directory Organization
  • Increased UPNSuffix field size
  • Optimized “ModuleInfo” object creation: Earlier it was slow due to disk operations (reading license, object loading in various places for different checks)
  • Editable MachPanel Staff Users/Contacts’ Email Addresses
  • Correct redirection payment profile(add/edit)
  • Load/wait screen while Selecting owner
  • Text enhancement "Inactive" instead of "In-Active" in Service Plans
  • Helping text on interface: “Chat room manager will also be added as member automatically”
  • Grace period notification text enhancement and Link to license management page
  • Email enabled distribution lists (internal email/Platform Email address for DL too)
  • Authorize.Net CIM Hosted Forms (Fully PCI Compliance Mode) Integrated
  • Status and link of pending/processing jobs
  • CSS class instead of inline styles throughout
  • Details Communication via email on creating AD user.
  • Group jobs in language(Selected while logging in) instead of hard code English
  • Advanced Search for MachPanel Active Directory/Exchange/Skype4B/CRM/SharePoint Users/Mailboxes Listing
  • New filter in AD User/Organization sections: Implementation review is as follows
  1. Enable/disable feature(s) in case of permission not granted via access template
  2. Resellers Clients Subscription Management from Provider end
    • Exchange
    • Exchange subscription cancellation is being logged now (Audit log entry).
    • Extended Mailbox search: active directory attributes like company, department, street, city, Job title etc. can now be searched.
    • Actions like DL creation, Assigning Permissions to single mailbox and DL will now be performed via Group Jobs
    • Mailbox/DL Permissions job enhancement: Single job for one mailbox/DL for permission over multiple mailboxes/DLs
    • Unique Domain FQDN 
    • Skipping Disabled servers in Exchange commands execution: MachPanel was using all servers weather enabled or not in Exchange operations. A check is added to use only Enabled servers for all operations.
    • List default/ Anonymous/MP-SG in group action for calendar permission: List all system user/mailbox/Group (default, Anonymous and MP-Created SG) in Group Action so that permission via group action from all mailboxes can be updated as it lists in individual mailbox calendar Permission.
    • Mailbox Creation date column in mailbox Usage Report.
    • Display template name in Group Jobs when template of a mailbox is edited\updated.
    • Link to request resources when quota limits reached in pop-ups and error strings
    • Editable fields are getting greyed out on checking/unchecking irrelevant checkbox
    • Mailbox types quota handling in Exchange Plans
    • Status of "hide from Exchange address lists" in mailbox Listing.
    • “GroupingID” attribute setting on DL Creation
    • Message Copy permissions when adding new Shared mailbox: If Exchange provider is 2013 or later, displays checkbox for Message copy in “Send On Behalf” and “Send As”.
    • Resource mailbox graph bar just like one for user mailbox.
    • Skype4B
    • Additional columns for phone number: List all types of number (assigned as Line URI/private line or to a workflow)
    • Edit Resources causes issue due to missing Countries
    • Line URI and Private line. A private line can be assigned to Lync\Skype4B user.
    • Show only allowable numbers on user Add/Edit interface
    • Link to request resources when quota limits reached.
    • Dial-in Access Numbers Management. (Important Note: Please review Conference Dialin settings at Home >> Service Director >> Skype4B Hosting >> Call Settings >> Conference Dial In tab for call records processing)
    • Removing assigned phone numbers from Lync users in bulk.
    • VPS (Hyper-v)
    • Virtual Processor Limit has been implemented on MachPanel Hyper-V server group member level.(Important Note: Please check the limits of virtual processors in each and every server group member after installing this build)
    • Cancel Subscription will remove all VMs either created or in process or in move state etc.
    • Sealed Image extends the partition (Windows and Linux): For windows we are now offering extend partition  (VHD) option to the space allocated during VPS Creation. For open source like Linux, you should have to prepare sealed image size as per the services plan size as it is not possible to extend partition while it is mounted.
    • Now you can delete VM on any stage either created or in pending state.
    • All VPs Related Actions like (Create, Delete, and Move) will be handled through VPs Group Jobs instead of service queue.
    • Storage Configuration setting introduced in server group level (Standalone and cluster)
    • RAM Size input is introduced for servers, now we will have to specify the RAM size of each and every server.
    • Multiple Storage locations are introduced on server group level as well as server group members level. Server group level locations will be considered as a shared locations for all servers and server group member level VHD locations will be considered for only this server.
    • Load balancing on RAM and Storage handling while provisioning a new VM.
    • Checks of RAM and Disk availability in Add-on Provisioning has been impediment.
    • Move VM Action: When a server is selected for Move then we will check RAM first and then VHD Locations for space availability if desired resources are available then job will be added if not then error message will appear.
    • Customer ID can be added as a Prefix in VM Name , This setting is available in server group level. By Default it is turned Off.
      Note: Please check Virtual Processors limit, RAM size in server group member level And VHD Location sizes in server group and server group members level after Installing the build.
    • Web Hosting & Domain Name
    • Domain Registration - Expiry Domain date: Added domain expiry Column in domain name listing
    • CRM & SharePoint
    • Link to request resources when quota limits reached for CRM and SharePoint
    • Show/Hide Claim Authentication Section based on checkbox like Handle DNS for SharePoint.

    5. Resolved\Fixed Issues

    • General (ADSync, API, Billing)
    • Disk Gauge Not Showing: In network Module the image for Disk gauge was missing.
    • Control Panel Login (contact login _): When contact is logged in customer panel his own name will be shown
    • Last Login error has been fixed. IP address wasn’t being updated.
    • System Default Language at 4th level user interface issue has been fixed.
    • Organization and Command filters are not working in Group Jobs searching.
    • Add-ons cancellation issue has been fixed.
    • Audit-Log reports in schedule reports configuration issue has been fixed.
    • Unable to place order due to multiple domains of selected organization (existing) instead of valid domain
    • Access Template \ Permission: Billing uncheck issue has been fixed
    • Import utilities-slider was missing.
    • Exchange 
    • Provider selection in Spam filter configuration issue has been fixed
    • Clean Database (Wrong AL or GAL in DB)
    • Enable litigation Hold Issue at CCC when Customer does not have the any Exchange Account has been fixed.
    • Email address parameter issue in adding organization in existing Exchange subscription
    • Disclaimer-'ExceptIfSubjectOrBodyContainsWords'. Cannot convert value "" to type
    • Change the subject product setup and mailbox setup.
    • Setup Email Templates-Autodiscoveredirect
    • Error on clicking show template in mailbox add screen
    • Provider isn't able to edit Mailbox from AD section
    • Selection From drop down does not update the permission checks in Group action.
    • Unable to add email address with ' & ' in it
    • Wrong CompanyId when Reseller's Mailbox template is edited.
    • Maximum mailboxes (quota display were wrong): i.e. if add-on having 1000 mailbox but MachPanel shows the used limited as (using 700 of 1000)
    • Skype4B
    • Hide Line URI and Private line similarity check in case both are hidden
    • Duplicate entries in Line URI: Line URI dropdown shows duplicate entries while adding/editing Lync user.
    • Domain name field isn't visible while placing order.
    • Provider isn't able to edit Skype4B user from AD section
    • Import Phone Numbers issue from Lync Account has been fixed.
    • New deployment: Lync account navigation issue has been fixed.
    • When there is zero Phone in MachPanel, an error appeared while opening subscription.
    • VPS (Hyper-V)
    • VPS module has been hided from end customer when VPS module is disabled.
    • Quick Migration button Issue has also been fixed.
    • Add audit log entries for all operations in VPS module.
    • VPS account searching has been fixed.
    • Web Hosting\Domain Name
    • Dot (.) is now allowed in DNS text record.
    • DNS zone Paging issue has been fixed.
    • OpenSRS domain transfer for .nu TLD has been updated to fix the invalid data error.

    6. Known Issues

    Error 1:

    While adding Office 365 tenant: Operation failed.The binding at system.serviceModel/bindings/basicHttpBinding does not have a configured binding named 'bHttpBinding'. This is an invalid value for bindingConfiguration. (C:\Program Files\Control Server\web.config line 462)

    Solution: You have to add following line:

    <binding name="bHttpBinding" closeTimeout="00:10:00" openTimeout="00:20:00"
              receiveTimeout="00:20:00" sendTimeout="00:20:00" bypassProxyOnLocal="true"
              maxReceivedMessageSize="104857600" />

    before following in web.config:

    <binding name="bHttpBinding_CyberSource" 

    Error 2:

    Operation Failed. Details: 50808-Cannot open backup device 'C:\inetpub\\backups\newsql16_2_9_2016_11_05_55_PM.bak'.Operating system error 5(Access is denied.). BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.


    If database backup is failed due to permission on directory, then open “Services” and check user Log on name of “SQL Server” service. This user must have permissions on backup directory.

    Give full access right of this user on backup directory will fix the issue.

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