RELNOTES:MachPanel 5.2 BUILD 25 Release Notes (July 22, 2015)

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RELNOTES:MachPanel 5.2 BUILD 25 Release Notes (July 22, 2015)

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Improvements\New Features
  4. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issues
Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.2.11
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.2.11

Update Note:  The update is applied via an automatic updater by following the detailed instructions in links below.  During the update process an older build will get updated to latest build in a stepwise process and any missing updates will be automatically installed.  Just be sure to have a valid FULL Database Backup and backup of Installation files for MachPanel Control and Remote Servers.

Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server
Important Note:  Due to inclusion of new enhanced menu java scripts some interfaces may not work correctly due to cached content in browser cache in IE 10\11, Chrome, Firefox.  Press CTRL+F5 and refresh the browser or clear browser cache and perform IISRESET on MachPanel Control Server after the update to fix such occurrences.

Major Enhancements
  1. Added Linux Sealed Image in VPS (Hyper-V) Module. See Below KB for more details:
    • GUIDE:SOP for preparation of Sealed Images for Windows Hyper-V & Linux VM
  2. Added 3rd Party Import under Import Utilities. See KB for more details:
  3.  Updated\New themes:
    • There has been many enhancements in new themes, graphics and layout changes, so custom themes or modifications done in default themes shipped with panel will need to be re-done.
    • Review App_themes\Default folder, you will need to copy this and update this according to your needs in your custom theme. There are CSS changes, new images, Skin files changes, all will need to be done in custom themes.
    • If the page is not loading properly, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh browser cache after update.
    • Cascading menu added and tree menu updated, you can switch menu design by moving mouse over menu icon next to System Navigation in menu section. 

Improvements \ New Features :

  • General (Billing, AD Sync, API, Help Desk, Customer management etc)
  • Search by details added in Audit Logs.
  • Usage reports to Provider should contain details of customers/subscriptions under Provider and all Resellers/
  • Added Customer Company name variable in email templates.
  • Added sync security groups from backend AD to MachPanel database.
  • Added option to add Security group as member in Security group management in AD section.
  • Added migration utility to import Resellers, Customers and Exchange accounts from WSP or HC. Also added options to bulk subscribe SfB and SharePoint to resellers.
  • Add last sync time in ADUser table, update time on every sync cycle for user, show last synced time in AD Sync User’s usage report.
  • Added functionality in audit logs to load old log records from archived xml files in Audit log interface.
  • Credit card/details not being found when seeing customer under reseller from provider panel.
  • Ability to search using Domain Alias added in global search.
  • Staff roles handling updated.
  • Search Function added in API
  • 4th Level Interface updated, ADSync user cannot change password.
  • Confirmation message before deleting in bulk added.
  • Offline order form execution improved.
  • Show OU internal name in active directory: organization Section added.
  • Added Email Address in Customer Listing.
  • Show password option added when setting password in various screens.
  • Creating copies of email template while creating reseller from provider or default templates added.
  • Review hard coded theme “Default” in CSS/panel pages and replace it with current theme in use done.
  • Update Lync user policies in bulk added.
  • Primary Server field in SOA added.
  • Add show/hide for "billing On/Off " in access template of Pre-paid Reseller.
  • Now BackUp of Control Server is also manageable from Configuration Studio. See snapshot below:

  • Exchange
  • Mail contact can now be selected in Journaling rule management for mailbox.
  • Public Folder mailbox management added for Exchange 2013.
  • Standardizing signatures using Disclaimer added.
  • Hide Public folder accordion for Add shared mailbox.
  • Hide "send an email" in Shared/Equipment/room mailbox add screen.
  • Hide "download outlook profile" from end customer via access Template.
  • Mailbox logging enhanced, each log contains MailboxId, UPN.
  • Primary domain list and management options in SPAM Experts management updated.
  • Added MX Destination Hosts Provisioning while adding Domain in Spam Experts.
  • Distribution list membership and management- left right selection and ability to add while creating DL added.
  • X500 field handling added for exchange mailbox
  • Public Folder mailbox database management added for Ex2013. Now provider can create and select which Public folder mailbox to use for which organization. Clients using Ex2013 must visit this page.
  • Allow external user posting option added in Mailbox creation.
  • Add optional sip Address field when adding mail contact.
  • Mailbox Calendar Management added under mailbox management.
  • Show/ Hide Mailbox Types from Customer/Reseller added in access templates
  • Updating primary SMTP Address via Group action added.
  • Public folder storage setting restriction updated.
  • Handled Exchange databases move in DAG, changes are reflected in panel via service every 6 hours.
  • Inherit permissions on sub-folders in Public folder management added.
  • Lync
  • Added functionality to assign multiple call bundles to a SfB (Lync) subscription
  • Bulk addition of federated domains in Lync 2013 Enterprise or SfB
  • Conference call Inbound/Outbound rate charging added.
  • Lync phone number and usage report enhanced.
  • Update Lync call reports based on the customer’s time zone.
  • Assigning/un-assigning number to workflow updated
  • Default currency, call report generation and call categorization updated.
  • Formatting of hours, minutes billed improved
  • Added DID assignment to AD attribute
  • Multiple Dial Plan Handling added in Packages/Add-ons.
  • Call reports' enhancements- Date/time format and quick file export added
  • Added number of available users display in dropdown listing while creating Lync users
  • Lync Server Group Enhancement (CDR Connection String test) added.
  • Added greater IVR depth in Lync Response Groups.
  • VPS (Hyper-V)
  • Added reference name in IP Pool and updated IP pool display to show reference name in VPS module
  • IP Pool management updated in VPS, provider must visit VPS Server Group > Click Subnet Pool under options.
    1. Click Subnet pool to open details.
    2. Update name if required.
    3. Update Virtual switch to be used when adding IP from this pool in a NIC.
    4. Update which reseller will use this pool.

    Review following KB's:

    • INFO:Integrate VPS (Hyper-V) server in MachPanel

    • INFO:Adding Subnet Pools, Virtual Networks & Sealed Images

    • HOW TO:Scheduled task for Set Password in Gen2 VM

    • HOW TO: Virtual Machine and Snapshots Management

  • Assigned IP addresses are shown in NIC listing
  • Bandwidth monitoring and report added for Hyper-V 2012, Hyper-V 2012R2.
  • Added checkbox to add gateway as optional setting in NIC management.
  • IP pool assignment added in Add-on add.
  • IP pool assignment to reseller added.
  • Reset VPS password implemented.
  • WebHosting
  • Added option to allow providers / customer to enable / disable website (IIS) logs
  • Smarter Mail or Mail Enable, IIS, FTP provisioning without DNS added.
  • Mail services should get provision, even if DNS is not allowed.
  • IIS, FTP services should provision, even if DNS is not allowed.
  • Separate disk and BW quota calculation and ability to stop calculation
  • Check to include logs/database/mail size in disk space calculation added.
  • SharePoint
  • Selectable\selected list boxes implementation instead of "check boxes" in SharePoint group actions.

Resolved\Fixed Issues

  • General (Billing, ADsync, API, Helpdesk, Customer management etc)
  • Price freeze not applied to subscription upgrade/downgrade fixed.
  • Cancelling add-on-Error converting data type "nvarchar" to int fixed.
  • Log failure email is updated to send one email per day.
  • Password communication-AD user with Services issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed if a Subscription is removed from cart, it’s add-ons are not removed.
  • Exchange
  • Public folder edit issue (Large Max.item, Issue/prohibit value) is fixed
  • Bulk mailbox and mailbox database selection as per fill style fixed.
  • Distribution list membership-multiple searches are fixed.
  • Hide the mailbox database from Customer.
  • Exchange Distribution Groups and Contacts not searchable in Lync fixed.
  • Exporting mailbox usage report after applying filters fixed.
  • Lync
  • Error fixed in canceling billing Add-on in Lync add-on case.
  • Fixed Record not found-SP_EM_OCS_GetSoldPoliciesBySoldAddonID_Lync when deleting Lync add-on.
  • Selecting Ddl_telephony before Ddl_SPLA results in error fixed.
  • Lync workflow Input string format error when no phone number added is fixed.
  • Removing extension only isn't being saved is fixed.
  • Call rates input issue when locale is Dutch or other fixed.
  • Add double digits for minutes and seconds in the duration field.
  • Add Lync User does set optional field values at the backend fixed.
  • Email isn't being sent when Lync user is created is fixed.
  • Problem is resolved when changing phone number of a user.
  • Paging Issue in Call bundle Listing is fixed.
  • CRM\SharePoint
  • Fixed: Nothing to see in the CRM\SharePoint Account Details for an AD User.
  • OU reuse restriction in SharePoint Multitenant is fixed.
  • VPS(Hyper-V)
  • VM load balancing not working is fixed.
  • WebHosting
  • "_ " handling is added in the DNS records.

Known Issues


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