RELNOTES:MachPanel 4.8 BUILD 18 Release Notes (June 03 2013)

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RELNOTES:MachPanel 4.8 BUILD 18 Release Notes (June 03 2013)

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. New Features/Improvements
  4. Resolved/Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issue

Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server v.4.5.17
  2. MachPanel Remote Server v.4.5.17
  3. .Net Framework 3.5

Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:
  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

New Features/Improvements

Major Enhancements
  1. BlackBerry 2010 (BES 10) integration.
  2. Added support for Hyper-V 2012
  3. Revived MachPanel as High Availability solution encompassing Load Balancing and fault tolerance. (please contact support for implementation details)
  4. Included Enterprise and Enterprise Plus Mailbox types (Handling in Service Plan as well as in Reporting).
  5. Added ability to schedule and automatically email reports.  Please review detail on KB link for more details:
  6. Added ability to Create/Manage mailbox databases.
  7. Added ability to Move Mailboxes in bulk (from different organizations) from one mailbox database to another in single go.
  8. Added support for IIS8 (HostMatic module for website provisioning).
  9. Improved ADSync functionality.  Please review KB link for patch to deploy after updating to build 4.5.18: (coming up)
  10. Implemented IP Lock-Down policy for system/staff users. (Navigate to: Home » System Configuration » System Users » IP LockDown)
  11. Added support for management of Lync persistent Chat functionality.  Review details here:
  12. Discontinued: Support of Plesk and other 3rd party shared hosting modules in build 4.8.18. 

  • Exchange:
  • Added handling of Mailbox Locale Settings.
  • Added support for converting user mailbox to link mailbox and otherwise.
  • Added support for creating/handling Dynamic Distribution list.
  • Added option to hide Public Folder and Retention Policy Tabs from Customer's control panel via service plan (tabs are hidden if feature is disabled in service plan).
  • Added option to enable/disable Litigation Hold in Group Action.
  • 4th Level / AD User Enhancements: Added ability to download outlook profile as well as outlook client form link set by provider.  
  • SharePoint:
  • Sandboxed storage Enhancement: SharePoint AddOn resource handling for storage and usage quota implemented and sandboxed storage resource management functionality implemented.
  • Create SharePoint user as Site Admin true/false functionality implemented. Also added functionality for editing existing user and implemented on both client's and provider's side.
  • Added description in setup email regarding SharePoint portal setup i.e. if it is Vanity or Sub-domain subscription.
  • Lync:
  • Added ability to edit suffix in user.  Lync gives dropdown of domain in edit screen and allows to update UPN.
  • Web Hosting:
  • Reviewed Domain Name Providers to handle optional fields in some particular TLD's like .ca, .us etc.
  • BlackBerry:
  • Implemented a Schedule job to update BlackBerry Stats on intervals in Database.
  • General:
  • Option to take control panel database backup from Configuration Studio on Control Server.
  • Added new countries (Serbia and Montenegro) in Customer creation page.
  • Domain Name check in multiple ADs.
  • Improved Send Error report on application crash.  An End Customer now sends report to Provider/Reseller who can then forward the issue to MachSol Inc./Provider.
  • API Enhancement: Update SSL order form in API both DigiCert and Offline SSL
  • API Enhancement: Open SRS API functionality implemented.
  • API Enhancement: Update domain store and API handling.
  • API Enhancement: Tucows Domain Registrar API (OpenSRS handles reseller side of TuCows like API etc.)
  • Provided an option to credit payment back to account upon termination/cancellation of an invoice.
  • Added option to Hide/Remove Credit card types.
  • Handle DisplayName variable in Email template for mailbox.
  • Implemented Address Validation in DNS Settings.
  • Added ability for Provider/Reseller to add user details while adding AD user.
  • Added option to show Flag for tickets marked as urgent On the first page of help desk where we have all tickets listed, .

Resolved/Fixed Issues

  • Exchange:
  • Reviewed Public folder Permissions and features.
  • Fixed issues with Exchange Server Group fill style (one by one).
  • Ability to set custom mailbox size at time of creation
  • Fixed extra space in Email " " while adding new mailbox.
  • Exchange 2010 Hosted Automatic Replies issue is now fixed.
  • Available and allocated resources mismatch error is now fixed in Exchange mailbox creation.
  • Issue fixed with wrong Resources being shown for Exchange on reseller side.
  • Fixed issue where SPLA Field gets un-selected for mailboxes.
  • Fixed issue with Exchange Service Plan name restriction.
  • SharePoint:
  • Issue Fixed with Importing SharePoint portal-Site Admin permission issue.
  • SharePoint Add-on issue is now fixed.
  • Fixed issue with Quota for SharePoint User Import
  • Fixed issue with Auto update user quota to number of users imported if assigned quota is less in SharePoint sold package.
  • Upgrade handling for SharePoint multi-tenant.
  • CRM:
  • CRM user Sync and UPN Update in CRM.
  • Domain user name column is set hidden from client side in crm users listing.
  • Fixed CRM Import and user quota issue
  • Fixed problem with Billing currency and Order form.
  • Web Hosting:
  • Fixed manual processing of Domain Subscription (problem was with skip domain check).
  • Fixed problem where Database creation without DNS integration was failing.
  • Fixed: Hostmatic - add parking page was not working.
  • Fixed: Shared hosting - Password Generate was not working.
  • Fixed: Problem with Un-managed Add-on form being already filled with previous values even if previous attempt was cancelled.
  • Issue Fixed: Continuous wait status in DNS record creation when using Chrome
  • Resolved: Running domain from Service Queue OpenSRS, Handle Manual option of domain processing in Service queue.
  • Provisioning Error: SSL package created before DigiCert implementation
  • Domain name-Whois close button position is not fixed
  • Dedicated IP issues are fixed.
  • Lync:
  • Fixed: Audit logs- HTML tags visible in log details.
  • Fixed: Load/wait screen was not implemented.
  • Fixed: Lync-Mails are not being sent.
  • Bulk user addition - Sample CSV was missing.
  • Fixed: "Go Back to Listing" on this page.
  • Set "Lync" instead of "OCS" on various places.
  • General:
  • Issue is fixed for Misc. Product add-on Creation button.
  • Bug identified and fixed: When we open the Reseller URL, It doesn't show Login as AD option.
  • Issue Fixed: Notification was Overlapping.
  • Level-4 user- Theme issue is fixed.
  • Level-4 user logo/button issue is fixed.
  • Fixed: Updating/changing logo locally from MachPanel.
  • Adding/editing Managed/un-managed Add-on alignment issue.
  • Issue is fixed regarding the Load Balanced architecture of servers.
  • Issue Fixed: Do not log when item is added in Offline cart.
  • Issue Fixed: Online store; Wrong message when domain field is blank
  • Resolved: Package Upgrade-downgrade issue.
  • Issue Fixed: Server Group error when created as empty member.
  • Issue Fixed: Server Group Display name Error
  • BUG Fixed: Changing the priority title removes the image path

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