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RELNOTES: MachPanel Build v6.0.32 Release Notes (July 12, 2018)

Zohaib Shaikh


  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Improvements\New Features
  4. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 6.0.25 or earlier
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 6.0.25 or earlier

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Important Note:

  • If you update MachPanel to Build v6.0.32, it will become mandatory to update all ADSync Clients to ADSync v4.1 as clients on older version of ADSync will not work after the update.  Please check details on link below for details on how to perform ADSync update to v4.1.

3. New features Improvements

  • CSP
  • Update CSP Offer pricing for all products using Microsoft price sheet.

  • Added Power BI views to see CSP insights from panel.

  • Import CSP tenants in panel using bulk import added.
  • All Azure regions supported.
  • Show selected, select all offers, search offers added in CSP plan offers tab.
  • Multiple jobs cancellation added using selection and bulk cancel operation.
  • Instructions added for CSP profile service account configuration in CSP profile add/edit page.
  • Tenant CompanyName input added in CSP order form.
  • Show/hide details added for long descriptions in different CSP interfaces.
  • Default domain automatically set in import process.
  • Exchange
  • Ability to move mailbox from one database to another database is improved.
  • Address Book Policy of Archive mailbox is updated in add and fix security operation.
  • API is updated with Exchange mailbox usage report.
  • Exchange Server add/edit is optimized for large number of databases.
  • Option to export PST is added in mailbox options (Mailbox listing).
  • Statistical report added to the exchange databases.
  • User mailbox can be converted to shared mailbox.
  • Skype for Business
  • Ability to associate voice mail policy is added to add-on/plan.
  • Ability to Edit/update/add dial plan added for existing customer/user.
  • Ability to lock/unlock User and email Dial-In Conference PIN is added.
  • Allowed 'DID Specification' to be shown in Lync Addon View/Edit resources.
  • Conference PIN option added in edit SFB user and 4th level User interface.
  • Contact management (in Skype for Business management) is added.
  • Error message will be shown on save when HostedVoiceMail = True and policy is not assigned.
  • Function to add/remove Phone Numbers in pool is added in API
  • Function to Get and Set Subscription Features (Conferencing policy, dial plan etc.) is added in API.
  • Plan/ Add-on can be assigned to all Users in single click (Skype for Business import, 3rd step) using “Set to all” feature.
  • User (add/edit) Voice Mail Policy can be assigned.
  • User friendly error messages will be displayed in various error scenarios instead of PowerShell errors.
  • SharePoint
  • Module/feature(s) can now be allowed/restricted via access templates/permissions
  • CRM
  • Module/feature(s) can now be allowed/restricted via access templates/permissions
  • Ability to view and update subscription IDs of existing subscriptions during import
  • Login directly from application (update the deprecated function).
  • WHMCS integration requirement are changed for customer's state/province &Password.
  • VPS
  • Additional disks auto-formatting feature is added 
  • Option to specify “VLanId” on VM creation and NIC management is added.
  • Moving IPs to IP pool
  • VM Uptime report is added.
  • ADSync
  • “Adsyncsvclog” Log file on daily basis
  • Ability to Sync "Logon hours"
  • AD user can now be copied using DSA.msc
  • ADSync Configuration Studio: Load/wait screen on user mapping interface
  • ADSync Configuration Studio: Local admin/ hosted user login/password error message is handled
  • AD-Sync Error "change message "
  • Mechanism to ensure Admin Login is correct and verifiable is in place.
  • No more duplicate sync records for user jobs when user data is uploaded frequently, which caused server job queue overloaded previously.
  • Username in logging
  • HelpDesk

  • Disabled employee will not appear in “Assign to employee” list in ticket listing.

  • Active Directory

  • AD User Password properties
  • Optimized load time for AD User Listing interface.
  • User Log on hours are added.
  • Configuration Studio

  • Control Panel Backup Notification
  • Updated Machpanel logo
  • Hostmatic

  • Mail Only hosting under Shared Hosting Module.
  • Only hosting support added under Shared Hosting module
  • General

·   Ability to clear Emails Logs is added

·   Added Remove Customer allowed, Remove Reseller allowed in Staff role permissions

·   CSMeetingRoom management

·   Custom JS file reference in Login, forget password, stop page etc., so that client can customize look and feel using custom JS.

·   Customer Alternate Email Address in “To” when emailing to Customer

·   Customize Tab in theme selection (Night mode toggle option in color selection box)

·   Dashboard links to pages with filter already applied

·   Edit Quantity button is added in listing as well

·   GDPR Compliant (SSL handling)

·   General accordion in Navigation menu

·   Go to Page # in Paging and custom page size.

·   hyper-links in breadcrumb, links with no navigation will appear as disabled.

·   Interface/ option to run service threads manually

·   License validation checks are reviewed

·   MachPanel Authentication using Azure account (Modern Authentication support added).

·   MailChimp is integrated

·   Manager setting of ADUser is manageable now.

·   MimeCast is integrated

·   Navigation Menu-Items are in relevant category.

·   Notification icon will be hidden when there is no notification to show

·   O365 Subscription billing history

·   Partial message on interface i.e. “Group Actions command” and full detail on hover or popup.

·   PrePaid reseller is allowed to sell CSP services without buying subscriptions upfront and pay for subscriptions using a single invoice at end of billing period.

·   Retrieve and add Active Directory OU (org) in SPLA reports

·   UI reviewed

·   Search filters are expanded by default.

·   Send Email checkbox is Checked by Default now.

·   Show selected Offers in CSP package in CSP listing page

·   Subscription name column with more useful information

·   Multiple tabs opening

·   White label URL field is made optional now.

·   Subscription Status handling in Accounts and Subscriptions listing updated to show Pending Suspend, Pending Cancel and other Subscription statuses.

4. Resolved\Fixed Issues

  • CSP
  • Fixed error in adding Security Group members.
  • Fixed error in retaining CSP prices.
  • Fixed error in tax/price calculation, items total wasn’t in accordance to payment due to tax charged was not visible.
  • Fixed error in updating User Sku/Licenses.
  • Fixed error in viewing an invoice (CSP).
  • Fixed error: Sync job on execution was creating job of Security Group (which was in provisioning state already) again.
  • Fixed error: user wasn’t able to login after changing profile data (Capital letter in User name).

  • Exchange

  • Fixed error in bulk add contacts.
  • Fixed error in disclaimer’s signature in custom HMTL.
  • Fixed error in grant “Full Access permission”.
  • Fixed error in personal achieve quota isn't being set as per selection.
  • Fixed error in Public-Folder quota.
  • Fixed error in SPLA report by customer to show only active mailboxes.

  • Skype for Business

  • Fixed error in adding Bulk users - page times out when a large number of records needs to be returned
  • Fixed error in click to select from dropdown list.
  • Fixed error in cloning Add-on.
  • Fixed error in Conference PIN Webpage presentation.
  • Fixed error in Folder creation while updating workflow
  • Fixed error in IVR response.
  • Fixed error in User add/edit Conference policy which wasn’t being set correctly.
  • Fixed error on clicking check boxes Subsequent fields weren't being shown.

  • Sharepoint
  • Fixed error in locating user roles and editing portal.
  • HTML Tags instead of appropriate description when CSP order is placed via WHMCS.
  • VPS(Hyper-V)

  • Fixed error in Customer permission Templates.
  • Set Gateway from NIC IP Pool checkbox.
  • VPS server group-Div. header is reviewed.
  • Billing

  • Hide Credit card Interfaces checkbox issue is resolved
  • Fixed error in adding Credit to customer.
  • Fixed error: ESelectPlus (Monaris) payment integration was not working.
  • Fixed error: MP was crashing on clicking billing Tab at RCC.
  • General

· Mailbox database (move one to another) is hidden from Customer Side

· Added Skype for Business Event groups, which were missing in audit logs.

· Error fixed on clicking edit quantity link in Add-on listing.

· Fixed Display issue in Addon pricing.

· Fixed error in adding Add-on on disabling modules (web-hosting, Dedicated server, DNS).

· Fixed error in Azure Authentication configuration help when night mode is ON

· Fixed error in Disabled modules restrictions i.e. such modules were visible in Customer Dashboard (Manage section).

· Fixed error in disabling module.

· Fixed error in Editing Customer's contact.

· Fixed error in enabling a user after they had been disabled.

· Fixed error in IP lockdown, End customer were being locked down as well.

· Fixed error in Online order (new registration).

· Fixed error in Reseller's Password Restrictions (complexity) weren’t being reflected on his customer/mailbox etc.

· Fixed error in retaining comment just added during edit Add-on quantities.

· Fixed error in room mailbox "If you want the meeting organizer to receive a reply, enter the text below".

· Fixed error in Store Configuration- New order form error (Text editor and object reference).

· Fixed error in Subscription Management for reseller subscribed as End Customer.

· Fixed error: Commission reseller detail screen is now working as expected.

· Fixed error: Quantity of cancelled add-on was shown editable.

· Fixed error: Record not found "SP_EM_GetEmailTemplateOfCompany".

· Fixed issues with AD-only customers (import OU).

· Fixed Store Configuration form UI issues.

· Fixed wrong redirection while adding billing only add-on.

· Fixed: Text was being wrapped on login Screen.

· Fixed: Upload logs and success messages were missing.

· Removed "Capitalizing each word" on [textbox] Control panel brand name.

· When Send Email checkbox is unchecked all subsequent fields will be hidden.

5. Known Issues

For some customers, update file is not downloaded because of change in connection protocol. If customer face this errors while updating please follow details below for resolution.

In logs error shows up as:

 Open Regedit & Update License Server 1 & License Server 2 from HTTPS to HTTP (Then Try update again)


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