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INFO:Customizable Settings for EU VATId Country Verification

Rehan Waseem


This article provide the information about Customizable Settings for EU VATId Country Verification

Applies To

MachPanel v7 and above

Problem Statement:
An enhancement has been added in MachPanel to correctly match VAT ID for customer by verifying other customer details entered at the time of customer creation in the panel.

Under customer profile if the user does not include it's complete legal registered company name as typed in form, or does not use capital letters, or it includes white spaces in the name. Result of this will be the alert message that the user has not entered a valid VAT number as shown below:

Steps & Procedure

To improve the user experience and the usability of the form we have made the company name check a bit more tolerant. Customizable setting for EU VATId country verification added to MachPanel System. You need to add a new registry string value under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MachSol\MachPanel, set value to 7 (or as desired based on details below):

  • EUVATCompanyNameVariationTolerance = Value between 0 to 10.
    •  0 means 100% difference is allowed
    • 1 means 10% match is allowed, less then 10% will fail.
    • 2 means 20% match is allowed, less then 20% will fail.
    • and so on...
    • 10 means 100% match needed.
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