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HOW TO:Add Teams and Channels in CSP/O365/NCE tenants?

Mudesira Munir

This article provides brief detail to manage Teams i.e. how to manage teams & channels under CSP/O365/NCE tenant.
Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel build v6.2.10 and above.
Teams Management in Office 365/CSP/NCE Tenant

To view and manage Teams, navigate to the path: Home » Service Director » Microsoft CSP Management » Accounts. Click on Manage in front of a CSP Tenant. Now select Teams tab:

  1. Teams
  2. Channels

Under Teams, you can add new teamSync All Teams, perform bulk Import and Export teams.

Click Add Team to add a new team and provide following:

  1. Name: Provide friendly name of team.
  2. Description: Provide description.
  3. Type: Select type a). Public or b). Private
  4. Giphy Content Rating: Select content rating a). Strict b). Moderate
  5. Owners: Select owner from  Selectable to Selected
  6. Members: Select members from Selectable to Selected

Click Save when done.



Bulk Import Teams

Click Import to bulk import teams.