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INFO:Mailbox Deletion Flow – Protection via Recycle Bin and Recovery Features



This article provides a summary on Exchange mailboxes soft-delete and recovery features

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel all versions(v.6 onward)


Exchange is IntegratedWith MachPanel Control Panel
Exchange service is subscribed and can be managed
Mailbox are there and can be managed

Mailbox deletion:

Active mailbox can be deleted using any of these two options:

  1. Remove: Only mailbox will be sent to Recycle bin, AD User remains active
  2. Remove and delete AD User: Mailbox will be sent to Recycle bin, AD user will be removed once mailbox is permanently deleted

    When a mailbox is deleted, a job to Soft delete this mailbox is added to group job. Once processed, a record is moved to Recycle Bin.

    There are two approches:

    • Recycle Bin and Recovery Enabled: Mailbox will first go to "Recycle Bin" and then go to "Recovery" if enabled.


    • Recycle Bin Disabled (Set Do Immediate under Recycle Bin >> Settings tab): When mailbox is removed, it will add a soft delete job and right after few seconds which soft delete is complete it will add permanent delete job. Once permanent delete job is completed the mailbox will be directly moved to Recovery section


    Recycle Bin:

    Navigate to path: Home > Service Director > General > Recycle Bin​ from where soft-deleted mailbox either be Permanently deleted or restored (click checkboxes and use buttons for bulk operation).

    1. Permanent Delete
    2. Restore