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INFO:Getting Started with MachPanel REST API

Rehan Waseem


This article provides information about getting started with MachPanel REST API.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel Version v6 and above.


REST API must be configured as per details on article below:

  • Getting List of Customers
    • Getting list of Customer under a reseller using Provider Credentials
  • Creating a new Customer
    • Subscribing Exchange Service with Addon to Customer
  • Creating a new Reseller
    • Subscribing Exchange Service as Reseller​
Getting List of Customers

Browse new website and as you will see as shown below (i.e. Control Panel REST API).

To get the list of all customers you can perform below steps

  • Click List Operations in customers Tab, then click Get Customer operation under this tab as shown below:

  • Here you can get list of all customer (Under Provider and Resellers) and also for any specific reseller.
  • You can specify page and pagesize to narrow your search as shown below (if not set by default it will be 1 and 10 respectively) and click "Try it out!" button to get results:


  • In "Response Body" you will get packets for details of each customer and at bottom you will get summary of results.
  • Now, if you want to get of List of Customers under any specific reseller, you just need to put Reseller ID in "Impersonate-as-reseller" and click "Try it out!"

  • In "Response Body" you will get packets for details of each customer under the specified reseller and at bottom you will get summary of results.


Creating a new customer and Subscribe to Service
  • To create new customer under provider or reseller, you can user Post /api/customers operation as shown below:

  • Now, to create a new customer you can click on Example Value and then give the value to create customer. To create this under the Provider, you do not need to give "Impersonate-as-reseller" ID but if you want to create this customer under some reseller, then you need to give "Impersonate-as-reseller" ID.

  • After giving all information required in Example Value, your customer will be created.