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HOW TO:ADSync Utility Update to v5.1

Khurram Hameed


This article provides information on how to update ADSync tool to latest v5.1

Applies To

This article applies to ADSync v4.3 or v5.0

Procedure To Update:

a. Auto update: If you want to auto-update, please run ADSync.UpdateInstaller.exe, please use "Run as Administrator" option. Also, you need to manually run registry file (ADSync.PolicyLogger.reg) from update directory once update process is completed.

b. Manual update: To Update manually please follow below steps:

  1. Remove entry “ADSyncPolicy” from “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA\Notification Packages“.
  2. Reboot Domain controller.
  3. Replace “ADSyncPolicy.dll, ADSync.PolicyLogger.dll and ADSync.ClientHelper.dll” files in "$windir\System32".
  4. Stop ADSyncSvc using Services.
  5. Replace "ADSync.ClientHelper.dll, ADSync.ConfigStudio.exe and ADSyncSvc.exe" in installation folder of ADSync
    Example "C:\Program Files\MachSol\ADSync".
  6. Add entry “ADSyncPolicy” to  “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA\Notification Packages“.
  7. Double click or run “ADSync.PolicyLogger.reg” file to update the linked assembly version in windows registry.
  8. Reboot the machine.
  9. Repeat Step 1-8 for all additional/secondary/backup domain controllers.
Improvements / New Features
  • User mapping screen/UI load time optimizations.

Resolved / Fixed Issues
  • Handled error when there is no object in the OU selected for Sync in Client AD.

Download link for ADSync Update Files: ADSync v.5.1


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