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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v6.5.25 Release Notes (December 2, 2021)

Rehan Waseem

  1. Important Prerequisites/Upgrade Instructions

  2. Important Note

  3. Improvements/New Features

  4. Resolved/Fixed Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel

  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

2. Important Note:

The clients who are using Microsoft CSP, Direct Routing and Teams management, they have to uninstall all Microsoft Teams module and install the latest using PS command:

For uninstall:
UnInstall-Module MicrosoftTeams

For install:
Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Allow

Note: The recommended version for Microsoft Teams is v3.0.0

3. Improvements / New Features
  • General (MachPanel, AD, ADSync, Billing, Store, WHMCS):
    • Added functionality to handle MachPanel Provisioning Service memory usage
    • Added functionality to handle billing for one time Misc Products
    • Added a constant message on Edit Staff Role/Permission interface
    • Added functionality to show Tickets Tab on Edit Customer interface
    • Permission added in Reseller's Access Template to hide/unhide menus
    • Added functionality to remove duplicate records on Sync from Backend
    • Added functionality to Export/Import Customers using Excel file
    • Added functionality to show Built-in Staff Roles in Read Only mode to users
    • Added functionality to Clone and Edit Built-in Staff Roles
    • Functionality has been added to allow Provider to change Staff User's Role in Edit Staff User interface
    • Added functionality in HelpDesk Module to track "Agent Collision Avoidance Duration"
  • VPS/Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Permission added in Access Template to show Username/Password of VM from MachPanel Database in WHMCS interface
    • Added functionality to Remove VM only from MachPanel but not remove from backend
  • Microsoft Exchange
    • Functionality has been added to Enable/Set Nested OU Structure while Exchange Organization Import

    *Note: "When sub OU implementation is done in MachPanel under Domains, import will be done considering that sub OUs already exist on backend. Either disable this setting before import or make sure the sub OU structure exists in AD"

    • Added functionality to Sync Compliance data of a Mailbox on Sync from Backend
    • Added functionality to Update Journaling under Compliance Management Using CSV and Group Actions
    • Updated Soft delete and Restore operations of mailbox in MachPanel
    • Added functionality to Show Warning Message on deactivation Archive of a mailbox
  • Microsoft CSP/O365
    • Added functionality to handle Group Members Edit
    • Added functionality of Teams and Channel management in O365 Tenant management
    • Added functionality of Microsoft NCE products handling in O365 order and management
  • HostMatic
    • Added functionality to Allow bulk remove of DNS Zones
    • Added functionality to update DNS in Bulk
    • Simple DNS Plus Version 9.1 integration has been added
4. Resolved / Fixed Issues
  • General (MachPanel, Store):
    • Issue Fixed: Add/Edit Plan navigation issue when billing module is off
    • Issue Fixed: When a long company name added under Edit Customer interface
    • Issue Fixed: Sharepoint Permissions for Staff Users
  • Microsoft Exchange
    • Issue Fixed: OwaMailboxPolicy doesn't get removed on deleting a mailbox
    • Issue Fixed: Show message "Alias/Email already in use" if existing email is added as SMTP under a mailbox Email Addresses
  • VPS/Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Issue Fixed: WHMCS contact creation due to missing Password field
  • Microsoft CSP/O365
    • Issue Fixed: Password Complexity validation in Group Actions
    • Issue Fixed: Edit Distribution/Security  group does not update group owner

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