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INFO:Adding / Updating a "Tenant Admin" in MachPanel that has MFA Enabled to Manage Tenant

Rehan Waseem


This article provides a summary for the Configuration of a "Tenant Admin" in MachPanel that has MFA Enabled to Manage Tenant.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build version 6.4.50 and above.


This integration overview should help you with the integration of Office 365 Tenant that has 2FA enabled in MachPanel.

  1. Login to Control Panel with provider/customer credentials.
  2. Navigate to any tenant that you want to manage


  3. Click Edit


  4. Check 2FA Enabled.


  5. Follow the steps for Authorization.
  6. Create App and then:
    1. Go to Page:
    2. Create app password


    3. Copy app password and Close.
    4. Past the password in “App password and Save.


For some of the modules (Teams Online in specific) when we enable MFA for tenant management in MachPanel, and click on the link to fetch authorization code for repeatable token generation, sometimes a screen like below may appear. If we click on continue button, nothing happens in the browser. In such a case we will need to try below to attempt to obtain the authorization code, as the URI in the browser at this point doesn’t have the code in it.

Following are the steps to follow to grab the authorization code.

  1. Below is the screen which may appear, when this screen appears click on ‘Continue’ button


  2. We need to look for "console error" in browser, for that when using Firefox/Chrome, you need to "right click" anywhere on browser page and select ‘Inspect’ option, and for Internet Explorer/Edge select ‘Developer tools’ as shown below.


  3. In the Inspector window/Developer Tools section, navigate to ‘Console’ tab as shown below and look for ‘Failed to launch’ error as shown below. Copy the link address as shown below and paste this link in the relevant field in panel for which the authorization code is needed.
    1. As seen below the scheme of the URL is not ‘http or https’, change it to ‘https’ e.g. in below screenshot replace ‘ms-appx-web’ with ‘https’

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