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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v6.4.50 Release Notes

Khurram Hameed


  1. Important Prerequisites/Upgrade Instructions

  2. Improvements/New Features

  3. Resolved/Fixed Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel

  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

2. Improvements / New Features
  • General (MachPanel, AD, ADSync, Billing, Store, WHMCS):
  • New Feature: Safer Pay integration added
  • Enhancement: Calendar Permission logging added
  • Enhancement: Staff role permissions added to allow access to Domain verification section
  • Enhancement: Security groups can be selected as members of security group
  • New Feature: Add Custom title on Dashboard
  • Enhancement: Payment Summary in Invoice was showing total of Multiple Payments and Transaction ID of latest one. Loaded default template and customized again
  • Enhancement: Generated alert email to provider/reseller if Authorize.Net marks a payment for review, so that an employee can review backend and update payment status correctly
  • Enhancement: Two Factor Authentication Settings updated, allowed multiple options to be used, allowed reseller to customize option to use. Customer/reseller/end user can select method to use from available methods
  • Enhancement: Re-arranged Columns in listing For Exchange, Office 365/CSP, Skype for business, SharePoint, CRM, VPS/Hyper-V, WebHosting/Hostmatic, Work Folders and RDS
  • Exchange:
  • Enhancement: Quota management of non-mail enabled public folders added
  • Enhancement: Updated Manager and Permissions handling for DL and Mailbox members available for operation
  • Enhancement: Separate job for Sync Mailbox Permissions in Database added
  • Enhancement: Cancel Add Mailbox Job added in Group Jobs listing
  • Enhancement: Mailbox quota assignment in Advanced tab using available sizes selection added
  • Enhancement: Password option "user must change password on next logon" add as available already in AD user Add/Edit
  • Enhancement: Functionality to Schedule SPLA report by Customer
  • Office 365/CSP:
  • Enhancement: Tenant management using 2FA enabled admin login credentials support added
  • Enhancement: Ability for Reseller to add and adjust Phone Number under Teams added
  • Enhancement: UPN update in Teams management is handled
  • Enhancement: Sync License job is added to update database when a license is added/removed
  • Enhancement: Create a Teams Team from a Group
  • Enhancement: DirectRouting users Firstname and Lastename value set on creation
  • VPS/Hyper-v:​
  • Enhancement: VPS management- Access permissions are reviewed, estimate section will be hidden if billing is off
3. Resolved / Fixed Issues
  • General (Machpanel, Billing, Ad, Adsync):
  • Fixed: Error in Login using Duo Security
  • Fixed: Link added on customer menu was appearing at Provider and Reseller's menu as well
  • Fixed: Sub-reseller Permissions/delegation reviewed i.e. can not see customers of others
  • Fixed: Hidden modules were being shown on CCC
  • Fixed: Password recovery (Forgot Password) was not working
  • Fixed: Error while updating End customer's contact due to disabled MailChimp.
  • Fixed: Slow loading of pages caused by Provide Support JS file load
  • Fixed: Error related to Edge and Hub role in Apply Smart Host
  • Fixed: Payment Summary in Invoice was showing total of Multiple Payments and Transaction ID of latest one.

                  Note: Have to Load default invoice template and customize again.

  • Exchange:
  • Fixed: Template was not being assigned while enabling mailboxes services on existing AD users
  • Fixed: Operation section was getting hidden if sync from backend permission was not granted
  • Fixed: Mailbox setup email was not being sent
  • Fixed: Error of ExServerGroup when editing ADUser and Exchange not in use
  • Fixed: Update DB error in mailbox template clone function
  • Fixed: Exchange mailbox export PST job cancel issue
  • Fixed: PST Export- reseller access template permission was not updating
  • Fixed: The bulk Export function was not checking if Mailbox is provisioning, it will give error message instead of adding a job
  • Fixed: Security and Dynamic Groups were not being shown in DL and mailbox permissions
  • Office 365/CSP:
  • Fixed: Teams-User Edit DDL selected value not found error
  • Fixed: Teams-False alarm resource not available error
  • Fixed: mail attribute was getting set with alternative email address​​
  • VPS/Hyper-V:
  • Fixed: In VPS import, OS record in database is corrected
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