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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v6.4.10 Release Notes (August 17, 2020)

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  1. Important Prerequisites

  2. Upgrade Instructions

  3. Improvements/New Features

  4. Resolved/Fixed Issues

  5. Known Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 6.3.30 or earlier

  2. MachPanel Remote Server 6.3.30 or earlier

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel

  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

3. Improvements / New Features
  • General (AD, Billing, Store, WHMCS):
  • Enhancement: New customer account verification in online store
  • Enhancement: Handled Tax/VAT Id in invoice PDF: Added new invoice email variable %TAXorVATId% and handled in invoice email and Invoice PDF file generation
  • Enhancement: Tenant Transfer handling flow automation for TechData
  • Enhancement: Allowed to edit deleted Customer and Reseller.
  • Enhancement: Delete email attachments that are older than number of days we keep email logs
  • Enhancement: Domain verification added for enterprise modules.
  • Enhancement: Updated custom Invoice Number with Prefix/Postfix display in Customer and Reseller's "My Provider" section.
  • Enhancement: Added RDS and WorkFolder handling in WHMCS integration.​
  • Enhancement: Added an option to increase number of Simultaneous Threads for group job processing.
  • Enhancement: Added Gateway handling fee input in Payment Gateway setting
  • Enhancement: Auto assign ticket to agent on 1st reply
  • Exchange:
  • Enhancement: Hidden outlook profile download option and note from all places for Exchange 2016 and later
  • Enhancement: Mailbox Soft Delete Functionality added
  • Enhancement: Staff Role PST-Export/Import rights has been added.
  • Enhancement: Deleted Mailbox Re-Create has been added.
  • Enhancement: Added feature to Connect Mailbox under Mailbox Recovery.
  • Enhancement: Active Exchange Subscriptions report has been added.
  • Enhancement: Customer Access Templates - Deeper domain authorization management has been added.
  • Enhancement: Exchange DL delivery management has been updated.
  • Enhancement: Sorting and Filters are added in all tabs under Mailbox Compliance management.
  • Enhancement: Added "Sender Policy Framework Address" in Server Group settings.
  • Enhancement: Added feature to Bulk Import Group Memberships.
  • Enhancement: Custom Attribute setting update is allowed under Mail Flow.
  • Office 356/CSP:
  • Enhancement: CSP 3rd Party Product in Import offers to existing tenant in Subscription management.
  • Enhancement: Added sync form backend job for each Site, do not sync all data using Sync All Sites job
  • Enhancement: Sublicense will be enabled only if the main license group is checked.
  • Enhancement: Auto sync O365 Offers with backend once daily has been added.
  • Enhancement: CSP Invitation Mail Template has been moved under “Email templates”.
  • Enhancement: In create New User, Add Option “add member of Existing Group”.
  • Enhancement: Added "Remove license" in CSP User Group Action.
  • Enhancement: Added Feature to Add Group Members in Teams
  • Enhancement: In CSP Tenant “Sync User from CSP” UI has been improved.
  • Enhancement: In CSP Tenant under Direct Routing Setup, License Assignment has been improved.
  • Enhancement: In CSP User experience MS TXT Record has been added.
  • Enhancement: More detailed Error message has been added in offline order form (O365).
  • Enhancement: Added feature to Update CSP OfferName and Description using Excel.
  • Enhancement: Process of Office 365 Domain activation (This process has been removed from Service Queue)
  • Enhancement: O365 pricing reports has been added.
  • Enhancement: Discount field in O365 order form is hidden from reseller my provider section.
  • Enhancement: Convert to Paid is shown only if Subscription is Active.
  • Enhancement: Teams: Assign Microsoft CSP phone-numbers for the audio conferencing service has been added.
  • Enhancement: Tenant name in import is updated to avoid errors under O365 Teams tab.
  • Enhancement: Updated verification record display in O365 Teams configuration.
  • Enhancement: Change the Phone number Management in Teams like it is handled in Skype for Business.
  • Enhancement: Added workflow of each type(i.e. Users, Groups)
  • Enhancement: Functionality to Remove multiple/bulk numbers from Teams has been added.
  • VPS/Hyper-v:​
  • Enhancement: Added MAC address in NIC listing and Subnet IP Pool listing
  • Enhancement: Added Hourly/Metered billing for VPS module
  • Enhancement: Added Storage categorization for Hyper-V i.e. hyper-v server in different categories based on read/write Speeds (Fast Storage, Mainstream Storage, Slow Storage) under General tab.
  • Enhancement: Added functionality to show VM details (VM Name, IP Addresses, and link to Web Console) in Hyper-V subscription in WHMCS.
  • Enhancement: Added Web Console Feature in Hyper-V module.
  • Enhancement: IP Natting handling has been added.
  • Enhancement: Hyper-V Provider Home Page updated to give details overview of VM Platform from panel.
  • Webhosting/Hostmatic:
  • Enhancement: Added feature to Upload/Download DB backup with “Database Only” hosting.

4. Resolved / Fixed Issues

  • General (Billing, Ad):
  • Fixed: Validation issue in Active directory Order form has been fixed.
  • Fixed: SQL error in Credit Limits page has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Error in saving decimal value in Reseller Commission has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Date Time format issue in Active Directory Groups sync from Client AD has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Log folder size increasing due to attachments has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Language and spelling mistakes has been corrected.
  • Exchange:
  • Fixed: Paging issue in compliance Management tab has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Error in Add/Edit Exchange Add-on has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Duplicate mailbox issue in Sync Data from backend has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Error in adding Distribution List members using Bulk DL has been fixed.
  • Office 365/CSP:
  • Fixed: Disabling Tenant Management issue (not visible) in CSP Subscription has been fixed.
  • Fixed: First, Last name is not editable/auto-filled in CSP for existing user option
  • Fixed: On Editing O365 user password error has been fixed.
  • Fixed: O365 role job error in admin user edit has been fixed.
  • Fixed: O365 order processing error has been fixed.
  • Fixed: O365 Provisioning link forward to Groups tab instead of job processing.
  • Fixed: Manage Tenant option not available when Billing is Off in O365 Plan Add/Edit has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Password complexity problem in Teams Direct Routing user creation process has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Issue with job getting cancelled for adding users via CSV has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Error in canceling Pending Setup CSP subscription has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Issue in O365 Users job link opens Groups tab instead of showing Job Processing has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Error of billing cycle while changing O365 Package has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Teams management slowness issues has been fixed in O365 module.
  • Fixed: Error in Add package for CSP no profile case has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Wrong Tenant Prefix in Teams Direct Routing setup has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Error when loading products on Control panel has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Error in Teams setup when admin username contains "." has been fixed.
  • Fixed: In Group Settings, No Group Owner is shown in select-able has been fixed.
  • SharePoint:
  • Fixed: Error in O365 SharePoint jobs processing has been fixed.
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