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ERRMSG:Dedicated PFM Error due to special character

Mudesira Munir


This article provide details how to resolve error when creating dedicated PFM from MachPanel in case of of special characters in OU name like ü.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build version 6 and above.

Error Message

Error creating Dedicated PFM : Unable to find assembly 'System.Management.Automation, Version=, Culture-neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf33856ad364e35'


In Exchange_ logs the error is:
Dez-17-2019 12:07:00 :  Error processing command: Cannot convert 'somedomainü' to the type 'Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ProxyAddressCollection' required by parameter 'EmailAddresses'. The address 'somedomainü' is invalid: "somedomainü" isn't a valid SMTP address. The domain name can't contain spaces and it has to have a prefix and a suffix, such as  

Dez-17-2019 12:07:00 :  CommandDetails: set-mailbox -publicfolder -identity "somedomainür PFM" -emailaddresses "somedomainü" -confirm:$False   


Email addresses "somedomainü" is the main issue.
This is populated automatically when creating DEDICATED PFM because OU name is somedomainür

ü should be ue
somedomainürPFM => somedomainuerPFM

To resolve this, create Shared PFM and assigned only to 1 (concerned) organization. You will get option to type in name of shared PFM where you can enter somedomainuer (as per example used in this KB).
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