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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v6.0.37 Release Notes (Nov 27, 2018)

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  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Improvements\New Features
  4. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 6.0.36 or earlier
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 6.0.36 or earlier

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

3. Improvements\New Features

  • Added S4B 2019 integration.
  • OmniKassa integration added.
  • Option added in ADSync template to use Email field as UPN if configured.
  • Added functions in API for Get Invoices against Customer and GetInvoiceDetails.
  • Updated nl-NL translation of panel.
  • General
  • More then 6 characters allowed in domain TLD to allow longer new domain TLDs.
  • Option added to show invoices when billing is used with payment being off.
  • Option added to use Billing for Generating Invoices without using Payment and Invoice Auto Actions.
  • Exchange
  • Added support for Shared Mailbox creation in Ex2010 Hosted.
  • Convert to Shared or Resource mailbox option added for Ex 2013 server.
  • Added option to create alias using First Name and Last Name separately in Mailbox Group actions.

4. Resolved \ Fixed Issues

  • General
  • CVC2 edit allowed in credit profile update.
  • TaxId made optional if Customer is marked as Non taxable.
  • Fixed: Password for a subset of clients does not work after update, if you reset it, it again get invalid in 15 minutes or so.
  • Fixed: Changing Password of Provider from Configuration Studio does not work.
  • Fixed: Index out of range error in ADUser Listing.
  • Fixed: Duplicate payments against Invoice and advance payment before Due date.
  • Fixed: Page crash issue when editing an AD user when CSP/O365 module is turned off.
  • Fixed: Customer's default payment group wrongly set when provider creates end customer for a reseller and hence causes problem in service subscription of customer.
  • Fixed: Clicking Forgot password in Login error message causes error.
  • Fixed: Dropdown lists not working in Online Store.
  • Fixed: Error in View Tickets when All is selected in Owners.
  • Fixed: Incorrect url of attachment in Ticket email.
  • WHMCS, API, ADSync
  • Fixed WHMCS Customer profile edit.
  • Fixed API call issue while fetching phone numbers.
  • Fixed ADSync authentication not working when using customer's contact as service account.
  • Exchange
  • Fixed error in accessing Exchange management from client side.
  • Fax and Mobile are optional in edit Customer profile "*" removed.
  • Fixed Synchronize Exchange account security group settings stuck.
  • Fixed Organization name assigned to PF Mailbox is not displayed in listing.
  • Fixed error in editing email address of a Distribution Group.
  • Fixed ExternalEmailAddress issue in Contacts management.
  • Fixed all organizations are shown to customer in Litigation Hold Screen.
  • Fixed General Search not showing all records.
  • Fixed display issue of quota graphs in mailbox listing.
  • CSP
  • Fixed error in subscribing reseller to CSP, fails due to Microsoft agreement step.
  • Fixed CSP import showing 1 currency only.
  • Fixed Azure bill generated by MachPanel is less then Microsoft generated, missing 1 day bill each month.
  • Fixed error in Azure bill due to date-time offset.
  • Fixed Microsoft agreement option not showing when billing is disabled.
  • Error 'Unable to read when there is no data to read' on clicking sync all with O365 in tenant management is fixed.
  • Invoice generation of suspended subscription during CSP import is skipped. No invoice for suspended subscription in import will be generated.
  • Skype for Business
  • Fixed error in S4B bulk user creation when send email option is unchecked.

5. Known Issues


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