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HOW TO:CSP Import Wizard in MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article provide summary for importing bulk CSP tenants.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel build version 6.0.36 and above.
Following are the requirement before you can import CSP tenants into MachPanel  
  1. At least one CSP Service Plan should be created.
  2. When owner other than provider is selected then reseller shall be already subscribed to the Offers/Subscriptions of associated tenant being imported.
  3. Selected CSP service plan shall contain all the Offers/Subscriptions of associated tenant being imported.
  4. It is recommended not to select more than 10 tenants in a single batch when importing as this is a time consuming process and may encounter catastrophic problems.
Steps to Import CSP via MachPanel
Navigate to following path: Home > Import Utilities > Microsoft CSP

Step-1 Import Settings:

  • Select Company Name (It can be Provider or Reseller)
  • Select CSP Profile
  • Select Package CSP (Service Plan)
  • Select Payment Group
  • Select Billing Cycle.
  • You can also provide Tenant Import batch limit upto 99.

Step-2: Tenant Import

Select the tenants you wish to import and associate them with the customer and service plan.

  • In bulk import if Manage tenant using panel is ‘ON’ then user name and password inputs are optional.
  • In bulk import if manage tenant using panel is 'OFF' then user name and password inputs and hidden/removed.
  • Import Tenant without licenses is possible. Check "Import Inactive Subscriptions"


  • If tenant admin credentials provided and tenant management is enabled in package then Management of tenant will be allowed.
  • After selecting customer and tenant click "Import".

Note: Optional Service Account credentials field for tenant Admin account. MachPanel will ask credentials details for Tenant Admin account if “Manage tenant using panel” is checked in service plan Resources as shown below:

If we select Service Plan (with unchecked “Manage tenant using panel”), MachPanel will NOT ask for credentials and the imported tenant will be only used for Billing in MachPanel. However it is possible to make it manageable via MachPanel by “Enable” option available in general setting of Tenant.

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