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INFO:Commercial Saas Products and Price (NCE)

Zohaib Shaikh


This article explains details about Commercial Saas Products and Commercial Saas Prod Price (NCE) on Microsoft CSP Profile Page.

Applies To

MachPanel Build 6.0.32

CSP Offers price tab on Microsoft CSP Profile Page
  1. Navigate to the following Path: Home > Service Director > Microsoft CSP > Microsoft CSP Profiles
  2. Select CSP Offers Price tab and click Add Offers Price Listing. You can perform search based on CSP Profile, Payment Group, Offer Name, Date from, date to etc. See More details:

Commercial SaaS Products
  • A new functionality added under Microsoft CSP Profiles Section.

  • Click Commercial SaaS Products tab to see the Products lists

  • Click on Import Products you can import CSP products using Excel file.

  • Clicking on Export Products you can export CSP product in Excel file

  • Also you can perform Sync from Backend and Get Products.

Commercial SaaS Prod Price
  • A new option of Commercial SaaS Prod Price is added in Microsoft CSP Profile section. You can perform search based on CSP Profile, Payment Group, Product Name, Date from, date to etc.

  • You can Add Product Price Listing.

  • On Add Product Price Listing interface you have to select CSP Profile, Microsoft Price Sheet, Payment Group, Country, Language/Locale and Profit to add in %, also you can check/uncheck Update price of existing packages and Send Email

  • You can click on Details to see the details of existing Product Price List.

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