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INFO:CSP Offers price tab on Microsoft CSP Profile Page

Mudesira Munir


This article explains details about CSP Offers price tab on Microsoft CSP Profile Page.

Applies To

MachPanel Build 6.0.32

Import Purchase Price and Sales Price from Microsoft

  1. A new option is added to allow import of CSP Offers price under Microsoft CSP Profiles section. This allows you to import Purchase Price and Sale Price from Microsoft for CSP Offers and Add-ons and then use it.
  2. Navigate to the following Path: Home > Service Director > Microsoft CSP > Microsoft CSP Profiles
  3. Select CSP Offers Price tab and click Add Offers Price Listing. You can perform search based on CSP Profile, Payment Group, Offer Name, Date from, date to etc.

Import Pricing for Existing service Plans

    To update pricing in existing service plans for available offers. If Checkbox is checked, cascade update Package Offer pricing too. During import you are given option to choose existing packages for which prices will be automatically updated for the matching offers.

    This image below shows details / pricing in existing plan.

    This shows highlighted pricing for Exchange Online Kiosk from file that is going to be imported.

    This image below shows import process being performed:

    Below image shows success messages and logs after price import is done.

    Clicking on details for USD shows details of different offers. We have highlighted the offer we want to compare in existing plan.

    Pre-Populate Prices for New service Plans

    To pre-populate prices for offers and add-ons when creating new service plan in MachPanel. Below image shows that if we create new service plan for CSP, the prices are pre-populated.

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