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HOW TO:ADSync Logging supported by MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article shows what types of ADSync logs available and what is their purpose.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel all build versions.

Different Types of Logs for ADSync

MachPanel also generates Advanced logging for Ad-sync which can be enabled via MachPanel Interface as shown below:

Further on ADSync Configuration Studio, Please enable logging as shown below:

More Information

The Adsync logs are generated on following servers:

  1. ADSync Client Server
  2. Control Server (MachPanel Server).
  3. Remote Server(s)

ADSync Client Server: It is the Server where ADSync is installed and logs are generated in User specified log folder as shown in above snapshot. You can find following types of logs.

  1. ADSyncSvcLog-DateStamp.txt
  2. AutoMappingLog-DateStamp.txt
  3. SyncLog-DateStamp.txt
  4. UserMappingLog-DateStamp.txt


This log will give you details about Sync Thread Started or Not. It will do the following details:

  1. Fetch list of all user under LDAP
  2. Give status How many User Uploading
  3. Give Status for sync job with Date, Time of new user from Hosted to Client AD

2. AutoMappingLog-XX-XXX-XXXX
If you enable auto mapping in the Ad sync Configuration This log will give you following details:

  1. Retrieved user list & calculate quantity
  2. Sort them by UPN from local AD & then from Hosted side
  3. Strat Mapping automatically with Date, Time & complete UPN name of individual user
  4. Skip already mapped user to avoided adding extra group jobs.

3. SyncLog-XX-XXX-XXXX

This log created with Temporary Log ID for details troubleshooting with last USN value of the user that was synced.

  1. Check all of individual user attributes under attribute editor
  2. In case any change in any attribute of user it will perform sync
  3. Save User UPN & Changes
  4. Skip in case no change in USN for all user
  5. Saved last USN figure with Date & Time for Next sync

4. UserMappingLog-XX-XXX-XXXX

This log contains records of all user mapping activity auto or manual with any UPN change.

  1. Check total no of user from Adsync configuration file
  2. Check auto mapping & manual mapping
  3. Check local user UPN with previous binding to hosted user
  4. Match Exact & Partial UPN, Display name, with hosted user & readjust the value if needed.
  5. Give complete sync operation with UPN, Time & Date.

MachPanel \ Control Panel Server:
On Control Server the logs are created at following path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Control Server\Logs


Remote Server(s): On Remote server (Exchange)the logs are created at following path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Remote Server\Logs



This log is created in the root C:\  Drive on ADSync Server in case there is issue with Password Intercept flow due to any missing component for the ADSync tool. If password is intercepted without any issue, the log entry for success is added to "SyncLog".


If the interceptor log shows Unknown exception is caught then Double click to run “ADSync.PolicyLogger.reg” from installation directory of ADSync, then change password and re-sync.

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