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HOW TO:Subscribing Customer to Azure Service Plan and Addon

Mudesira Munir


This article entails how to subscribe Customer/Reseller to a Service Plan and  Provisioning an add-on.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel v6.0 and above.

CSP Profile Creation:

Steps highlighted on link below should already be completed related to Adding/configuring CSP Profile:

CSP Service Plan Creation:

Steps highlighted on link below should already be completed related to Creating Service Plan

Selling of CSP (Azure Basic Plan):

Go to customers section and click Subscribe Service,then choose Microsoft CSP Service. You will be presented with screen below to input details for new subscription:

A. For New Tenant make sure Microsoft 365 Domain Name is Valid & active.

B. For Existing Tenants, Review following KB:

  • Select Offers/Addons, Quantity & check out to process the order.

Once you go through all the steps and save the order, it goes to service queue.

  • Process the order from Service Queue, If you get below error in verifying domain name, it means the domain name is not valid and you need to ensure its validity because only a valid domain can be provisioned for CSP: 
    • Error in validating domain prefix from office 365. Details: AADSTS70002: Error validating credentials. AADSTS50126: Invalid username or password Trace ID: 51fa60bd-67ba-4037-ab8e-53fb5da53b00 Correlation ID: 3725c48e-0722-4f16-ac2f-0ee8dcfaf042 Timestamp: 2017-07-05 11:32:59Z
  • If you get Error for add txt record:
    • Error in O365 subscription setup, Details: Please add txt record for tenant primary domain '' in DNS server as follows: Text = 'MS=ms94665460', Ttl= '3600' and then try again in few minutes.
  • Please note that this is actually a requirement from Office 365 itself where it requires you to add a TXT record in DNS:
  1. MachPanel just uses a TXT Record to verify that you own this domain.
  2. Add the listed TXT record to your domain using the appropriate set of DNS tools. Following image shows that the TXT record @ with a value of MS=ms94665460 with a time to live (TTL) of 3600 should be added to the domain. The value of this TXT record will be different each time you provision a new subscription.
Note: For Skype for Business subscriptions, similar DNS configuration is needed as explained in KB link below:
Selling of CSP Addon in order to extend Resources:

Please navigate to Home >> Customer Manager. Click on Subscribe Service and follow simple steps to sell add-on.

On Step-1 Select billing currency, On Step-2 Click on Add-on

On Step-3 Select the Add-on you want to add-on then save it in shopping cart.

On Step-5 If payment has been made please add Transaction ID or click Payment Later & Save

  • The newly sold add-on order will be placed in Service Queue.
  • This add-on order will be provisioned once it is Run through the Service Queue.
  • Please navigate to Home >> Service Director >> Service Queue, Click on Run to provision the order.

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