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HOW TO:Configure Auto Update for MachPanel Remote Server

Zohaib Shaikh

This articles provides information about how to configure Auto Update for MachPanel Remote Server so that it gets updated to same version as the control without having to login to it.

Applies To:

MachPanel Remote Server 5.5.23 Onwards


  1. Dot Net Framework 3.5
  2. After build 5.2.23 Remote Server has the ability to get updates directly from MachPanel Control Server.  If Automatic Updates are configured and the remote server has access to Control Server over TCP port 7860 (inbound and outbound), it will get updated automatically.
  3. To get updates from MachSol Servers, the servers on which MachPanel Remote Server is installed, need to be exposed to internet (but can be limited only to our license and update servers).  You can enable access only to the update and license servers so that configuration studio can download updates from our live servers.

    Please ensure access to following addresses is allowed from control and remote servers:





Important note:

From Build 5.5.23 onwards, the Remote Servers will get automatically updated to new version whenever Control Server is updated.

Please ensure that settings below are set ONCE on all Remote Servers as well as on Control Server for automatic updates to work:

1. Configure MachPanel Remote Server to download and install updates automatically. Change settings as follows and hit Update Settings button:

2. Change Registry of Control Panel Server to Set IP of Control Panel machine which is accessible from all remote servers.  This IP will be replicated to all remote servers and the remote server will get updates as well as look to be on the same version as control panel with this IP:

3. Change Registry on Remote Server as below:

  • CoreIPAddress: Will be auto set by control server when you integrate it or you can manually set it same as IP of your control panel server.
  • CoreVersion: Will be auto updated from control panel machine after service restart on control, but you can manually update it as 5523
  • CoreVersionFull: Will be auto updated from control panel machine after service restart on control, but you can manually update it as v 5.5.23

4. Perform update on Control Panel and then on all Remote Servers.

In future based on these settings, MachPanel Remote Server will get updated automatically whenever The Control Server is updated.

After the updates have been performed, make sure that the control and all the remote servers are on same build, otherwise they wont be able to communicate with each other

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