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HOW TO:Dial Plan and Conference Dial-In handling in Skype4B (Lync) Account

Zohaib Shaikh


This article provide a summary for on how to Add & Assign Conference Dial-In via Dial Plans.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v5.4.10 and above.

How it works

Conference Dial-In number depends on the Dial-Plan, which on one end is associated with the Conference Dial-In Number and on the other end is associated with the Skype4B user.

How to Add Dial Plans?

  • To Add Dial Plans for Skype4B account in  MachPanel, navigate to the following path:Home » Service Director » Skype4B Hosting » Call Settings.
  • Click on  Dial Plan Tab.  Dial-In Conference Region will also be referenced in Conference Dial-In section.  Specify other details as desired.

How to Add Conference Dial-In?

  • To Add Conference Dial-In, navigate to the following path:Home » Service Director » Skype4B Hosting » Call Settings.
  • Click on  Conference Dial In Tab.  Dial-In Conference Region is associated which determines the Dial Plan. Specify other details as desired.

How to Associate the Conference Dial-In to Customer via Service Plan?

  • Conference Dial-In is associated with Dial Plan, and Dial Plan can be associated to customer via Service Plan.  To create service plan navigate to following path:Home » Service Plans » Skype4B  » Add Product.
  • Dial Plans can be associated under Resources Tab when you choose Enterprise Voice for Telephony.  Specify other details as desired.

How to Create Skype4B user and choose Dial Plan?

  • Subscribe a Customer to the desired Service Plan, in which you associated your desired Dial Plans and Provision the service from service queue. 
  • After Successful Provisioning, Manage the desired Account.
  • Click on Users Tab and then add new user.
  • Choose your desired Dial Plan.
  • The Conference Dial-In number which was associated with the dial plan will be used while generating meeting requests for this user.

Last but not the least, if you have an existing organization for which you want to update Dial Plan, you first have to Update their Service Plan by Performing and Upgrade or Downgrade of Subscription to your desired Service Plan, after which you will be able to see desired options in Dial Plan Section.

Create New Service Plan and Edit older (plan the customer is currently subscribed to):

Upgrade the Subscription

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