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HOW TO:Recover\Change Password - Self Service for Provider\Reseller\End Customer

Mudesira Munir


This article provides information about how to change or reset a password.

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This article applies to MachPanel v6.0.20 HF1.

1. Steps to recover forgotten password:

MachPanel provides password reset self-service, which allows users to change their password, for example, If you forgot the password you can recover the password by getting a secret key via email.

  • Password recover functionality is there for Provider/Reseller/End Customer (Administrators). Provide User name and click Next as shown below:

  • Click on Forgot Password link as shown below in the snapshot.

  • Provide the User name of the Reseller \End Customer in order to get a secret key. It will be emailed to your email address provided.

Enter that Secret Key,  key in Step 2 to reset your password.
Note:  To receive email, Email Delivery settings have to be updated with correct SMTP Server details. More help on Email Delivery can be found on this link:
The password recovery option is also available for Login as End Users \ ADUsers. It is possible to get a secret key if Alternate Email has been set by the AD User.

2. Steps to Change \ Reset Profile and Password:

Provider \ Reseller\ End customer\Users can also update their profile settings and change password later on after logging in to MachPanel Interface. See snapshot below:

  • Select Profile to change and manage profile settings.

  • Select Change Password to change Password

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