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HOW TO:WHMCS integration in MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article provides how to enable and integrate WHMCS in MachPanel..

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel v5.6.30 and above.

How to enable WHMCS Mode in MachPanel?

In order to enable WHMCS, please navigate to the path: Home » System Configuration » Built-in Modules

It will automatically turn OFF your billing Module. See the snapshot below:

How to linked existing subscriptions to WHMCS?

This section answers the following queries:

    1. How to handle if MachPanel has existing subscriptions which need to be linked to WHMCS.?

    2. How to handle if WHMCS has existing subscriptions which need to be linked with Subscriptions in MachPanel.?

Open WHMCS interface, and select Product\Services under Clients tab as shown in the snapshot below to associate Subscription(s) in MachPanel to that in WHMCS and vice versa. Each subscription/add-on that can be associated will be listed in dropdown.

You can get the Subscription ID and by pointing\clicking on Client Name you can get the Client ID.

How to integrate WHMCS Mode in MachPanel?

Now navigate to the following path: Home » Import Utilities » WHMCS Import wizard.

You can Search by Subsc.ID and Service Type etc as shown below and Save your search. If a customer isn’t already associated both the fields WHMCS ID and WHMCS UserID will be shown empty and can be filled by knowing service/add-on id and client ID from steps as explained above. It will show a successful message after clicking on Save.

What happens to old invoices in MachPanel? or Do they get transferred to WHMCS?

Currently we aren’t offering any solution to existing invoices due to different billing structure of MachPanel and WHMCS. Existing invoices can be achieved and used as reference to create plan at WHMCS.

Note: Once WHMCS module is Enabled MachPanel billing will not be available to use.

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