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RELNOTES:MachPanel 4.8 BUILD 19 Release Notes (July 29, 2013)

Mudesira Munir

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. New Features/Improvements
  4. Resolved/Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issue
Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server v.4.5.17
  2. MachPanel Remote Server v.4.5.17
  3. .Net Framework 3.5

Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:
  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Major Enhacements

  1. Lync Migration    
  2. Lync hosting pack 2013 integration. 
  3. Bulk User creation and Group Actions for Lync, CRM and SharePoint.
  4. Performance optimization for Lync.

New Features\Improvements

  • General
  • Improvement in Password policy for staff users. A password policy is added for staff users and settings at Provider level to control password strength and enforce that policy. Till now even a simple password could be entered while creating a staff user.
  • Non-Hosting Add-ons should be editable. As a Provider and Reseller, customer will be able to edit non hosting type Add-ons (Add-ons for billing only purposes that do not provision any service or make changes to resources in subscription) so that such add-ons can be managed an edited. For example, if there is one add-on, shared between 20 service plans, change of price in this add-on should reflect everywhere for add-ons in other service plans under which this add-on is used. 
  • Removing user/mailbox/organization/portal/domain dialogue box:  As a provider/Reseller/End customer a confirmation dialog box will be displayed “Display Name”/ “Sign-in-Name” in case of deleting user/mailbox/organization/portal/domain so that one can make sure only the intended record is deleted.
  • Fixed: Using remember password in Google Chrome results some fields auto-filled with saved credentials.    
  • Load/wait screen implemented: While logged in as a provider load/wait screen implemented while importing Exchange / SharePoint / CRM on Home -> Migration Director and then all modules
  • Keep Audit Log 30 - 90 days: MachPanel should keep the audit Logs for the specified days and emails them to provider in Excel file.
  • Cancel Subscription: Warning message containing consequences of action.
  • AD user Edit option: Now the Provider/Reseller has an ability to edit AD user from MachPanel AD interface.
  • Added Quick Links / Shortcuts to subscription management interfaces on Customer’s dashboard.
  • Exchange
  • Exchange Add-on enhancements: Provisioning of Exchange Add-on containing mailboxes with unlimited quota as a Provider/Reseller.
  • Public Folder Mailbox Database: Mailbox database selection option is added while Creating mail enabled Public folder via MachPanel.
  • Added "Member Of" Functionality: As a Provider/Reseller and End Customer "Member of" equivalent functionality is added so that in mailbox properties one can see listing of distribution list(s) a mailbox belongs to.
  • Change SMTP domain for all users for one customer:  Provider/Reseller and End Customers are now able to change SMTP domain for users in Bulk.  An option is added to "Set as Primary email", "Set Primary + UPN" while adding alias.
  • Exchange Bulk user Enable: Enable Exchange Services on existing AD users in bulk.
  • Sync Exchange organization data: A button to synchronize exchange organization detail is added in Exchange Service management section to Sync All data from back-end into MachPanel.  For example, if a new mailbox, contact or distribution list etc. is added on back-end manually, clicking this button will import all that data into MachPanel for the same organization with a single click of a button.
  • SharePoint
  • Bulk user creation and group actions for SharePoint. As a provider/reseller/end customer, the User creation in SharePoint is now as it is working in Exchange i.e. (i). the existing AD Users can be enabled in Bulk and (ii). SharePoint users can be created in bulk via CSV file.
  • Implemented: Group actions for SharePoint.
  • Web Hosting
  • Improvement: Introduce Sync with primary domain for domain alias. DNS of Domain Alias to be synced with the DNS of primary domain, so that all records in DNS zone of primary domain are automatically created under the zone of Domain Alias.
  • To add same domain name for web hosting account on different servers. Added a check-box for provider in Shared hosting order form: "Skip existing domain check for same domain setup on different server."  So that the creation of same domain name on different hosting servers in MachPanel without having to cancel previous ones is possible.
  • BlackBerry

  • Enhancement: Two Blackberry edition integration and selection Option (a customer can have users on BES5 & BES10)
  • BB- Activation password: Password characters are now hidden.
  • Hyper-v
  • Added: Option to set Administrator Password in VPS creation.
  • CRM
  • Enhancement: Bulk User creation for CRM organizations.
  • ISO currency default English in CRM order form: English is Default ISO currency in CRM order form.  CRM ISO currency and locale selection updated in offline order form, adding organization from client/provider side and online store front.
  • Added: Ability to perform Group Actions on CRM users (perform operations on multiple users in a single go)
  • Lync
  • Lync users - Bulk User creation for Lync organizations.
  • Navigation pane - Text enhancement "Line URIs" instead of "Setup". As a Provider the text & Logo is changed under the Lync Hosting in navigation pane.
  • Persistent chat - buttons enhancement.
  • Implemented Database operations instead of live calls.
    • Group Action calls are stored in database and then processed on Lync Servers to improve performance of operations.
    • Account/Organization data is stored in database instead of fetching live / on run-time to improve performance.

Resolved Fixed Issues:

  • General
  • Html Tag handling: When we enter any html tag in search field, or any Field search or submit it gives an error page/broken page.
  • Hover-Text color issue during provisioning of services on service blocks.    
  • Billing Cycle Change:  Billing cycle change was not working properly.
    • Changed billing cycle doesn't appear in general information of subscription (CCC, PCC/RCC)
    • Price is not being changed on generating 2nd renewal invoice i.e. billing cycle is changed, but while generating Renewal invoice, price is not getting changed when one clicks to generate renewal invoice again.
  • Migration to MachPanel: List only unused OUs/domains/websites/portals.
  • 4th layer User: Fixed issue with 4th Layer user interface not getting user properties From back-end.
  • Load Balance issues:  Load Balance Peer Credentials Sync for registry, services and IIS is implemented and some interface level changes are also implemented.
  • Fixed load screen issue:  While using Google chrome/safari the load\wait screen get halts.
  • Fixed issue with theme selection for Reseller.
  • Do not create zone in MachPanel when DNS zone creation is un-checked in service plan.
  • Global Search, Cancel button was not working properly.
  • Simplify Error Message: Message for invalid password has been changed and a user friendly message has been shown on Add/Edit ADUser interfaces.    
  • License file sync issue on License update: When MachPanel License is updated the "machpanel.dll" was not being syncronized.    
  • Paging issue is now resolved on Staff user list.
  • Removed: "Send Application Crash report to" from RCC.
  • Fixed issue - Customer with active subscriptions not getting deleted.
  • Billing Issues: If payment group with which subscription was made gets deleted (removed from package/add-on) invoice will be re-generated on same cycle and last invoice price.
  • Exchange:
  • Exchange 2010 Hosting Mode - Problem in Mailbox Database Management
  • Deleted resource mailbox name should be reusable.    When deleting a mailbox in MachPanel the user remains in AD. This is also the case for resource mailboxes. But when a new resource mailbox is to be created no existing users can be selected (like it would be possible for user mailboxes). So, MachPanel should delete the user along with the resource mailbox.
  • Exchange 2013 Public Folder (mail enabled) OU: While creating Public Folder (mail enabled), MachPanel adds a mailbox too.  The OU for user of that PF mailbox is being set as (domain.local/users) which is not the correct container.  This mailbox user should be created under the organization's respective OU (example: domain.local/Hosting/client Organization).
  • Public folder permissions - resource mailbox shouldn't appear in listing    .
  • Exchange member Server Alias verification: There should be Verification server alias on test service because sometime it creates problem in some operation.    
  • Group actions – Distribution Lists are not being listed.    
  • Resolved Paging issue: When we enter any html tag in search field, or any Field search or submit it gives an error page/broken page.
  • SharePoint
  • Is Admin does not work in SharePoint add/edit case: Hidden is admin option in Multi-tenant SharePoint add/edit user interface. is site admin option is hidden in case of SharePoint 2007, 2010 multi-tenant, and 2013 multi-tenant on both client and provider side.
  • Error in searching SharePoint User.   
  • WebHosting
  • Application pool is not assigning correctly. While provisioning website through MachPanel, It creates Application for particular website but does not assign it to website.
  • Non-Hosting Add-ons should be editable.    
  • Domain alias entries correction: The Entries for Domain Alias in Web hosting were incorrect.
  • Remove Node column from web hosting Account.    
  • Allow the ability to switch from DNS only to Full Shared Hosting Package.
  • Grey out temp URL fields when unchecked: Temporary URL field should be greyed out when the "Enable temporary URL" is unchecked at provider side.
  • Filled Form Fixed:  While registering Domain Name in Service Queue.
  • Fixed Issue with DNS Zone: Don’t create zone in MachPanel when Create DNS zone is un-checked in service plan; DNS zone and record was created in MP while the zone is unchecked in Service Plan, also added option to lock the DNS zone and domain alias in Web-hosting management.
  • BlackBerry
  • Fixed: Adding server to existing BB server, gives an error message of IP invalid.
  • BBE-remove max-Length restriction: While creating/Editing there shouldn't be max-length restriction.
  • CRM
  • CRM default Admin Business Unit: Problem was due to mismatch of user's SAM account name between MachPanel database and back-end.
  • Change in user properties at CRM is not updating in other extension. 
  • Invalid SQL name - Name instance should be allowed in SQL server name.
  • Lync
  • Adding/editing Lync plan if Remote service is stopped.    
  • Lync bulk users – Invalid .csv file. It should be stopped when one try to use invalid file instead of CSV.
  • Lync Policies: As a Provider/Reseller when one adds/edits/sells/manages Lync plan/service Lync policies are fetched on the go.    
  • Persistent chat - space and special characters should be allowed.
  • Lync management - button should be consistent (default theme)
  • Comma separated IPs are not being read properly: While managing AD user via these remote services, Comma separated IP aren't being read separately, IP is shown invalid.
  • ADSync

Develop functionality to update On Premises User SID for users which are not being synced. For correct reporting of number of users being synced, functionality is developed to update OnPremises User SID for users which are not being synced of an OU. Sync OnPremisesUserSID from adsync client to adsync host has been implemented.          

ADSyns User Properties disable: ADSync is enabled for a user, the properties that are synced are disabled; password change is disabled. For users which are not synced, enable all options.

Known Issues

  • "Is Site Admin" property is not set while creating users in bulk for SharePoint.  However, you can set this property for users individually or via Group Actions once users have been added to SharePoint.
  • Please find the .dll files to fix the issues occuring in deletion of customers\resellers and in audit logs while 'Export to Excel' at the follwing KB article.

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