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HOW TO:Integrate BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 & 10 with MachPanel


This article describes in detail about integrating RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 & 10 with MachPanel Control Server.


MachPanel Control Server has been installed, if not then follow below KB article:

MachPanel Remote Server has been installed, if not then follow below KB article:

Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 has been integrated with MachPanel, if not then follow below KB article:

Pre-Integration tasks for BlackBerry have been performed, if not then follow the below KB article:

Also make sure that MachPanel Control Server and MachPanel Remote Server are on the same build and that MachPanel Provisioning Service is running on both servers


1) Open MachPanel Control Panel Website (You can do it by opening MachPanel Control Server Configuration Studio and then navigating to Configure > Control Panel Website, and then clicking on the URL in it). Log in with the provider credentials. MachPanel supports following version of BlackBerry.

2) Navigate to Home > Service Director > Wireless Services > Server group and then click on Add Server Group.

3) Adding the BlackBerry Server is a two step process. In first step you create a Server Group. In this step provide Server Group Name, select provider: BlackBerry 5.0\BlackBerry 10.0 and Exchange Server Group for which you want to provide wireless services:

  • Server Group Name: This is the friendly name of the server group.
  • Provider: Select appropriate provider from the drop down list.
  • Exchange Server Group: Select the desired Exchange Server Group against which you want to enable BlackBerry Services.
  • Fill Style: Select from one of the two options.

·         Least Filled First: Setup hosting on the group member which is least filled

·         One-by-One: Setup hosting on group members in circular manner

  • Automatic Provisioning: If checked the system will automatically provision accounts on group members. If cleared, system will not provision account
  • Enabled: If unchecked, system will not provision any accounts on the server group members

4) In the second step you add the server to the server group. Fill in the required details. Also provide the correct path to the BES Admin Client, if you had chosen the default location then it is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit\BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Administration Tool Client\BESUserAdminClient.exe

  • Default Handheld PIN: This is the default PIN set for newly provisioned devices. It makes easy for the service provider to publish in the FAQs
  • Prepended/Appended Disclaimer: Enter any disclaimers you wish to add.
  • Auto-generated Password Length: Enter the maximum length for auto-generated password.
  • Auto-generated Password Type: Select AlphaNumeric from the list.
  • Password Expiry Time: Default setting is 48 hours.
  • Maximum Accounts: Enter maximum number of BlackBerry activations that you would like to create on this particular BlackBerry server.
  • Current Accounts Load: Currently enabled number of mailboxes.
In Step-3 provide IT polices:
  • IT Policies: Enter the IT policy which should be applied on the newly provisioned device. Enter “Default” if you haven’t created custom IT policies
After filling the appropriate details, click 'Save'.

5) Now check the integration status be navigating to the path in the below snapshot and hit 'Test Service'. If you get the below Test Report then you have successfully integrated BlackBerry with MachPanel

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