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HOW TO:Exchange 2010 - Setting Permissions And Necessary Modification On The User



The article helps in setting the desired permissions and necessary modifications on the service user (any user other than the Administrator) we setup in MachPanel under Active Directory Domains section when dealing with Exchange 2010.

Applies To

MachPanel all versions.
MS Exchange 2010


Provisioning fails when necessary Permissions and Modifications are not done on the user other than Administrator in Exchange 2010 Environment.

Provider: MachPanel Hosted Exchange

»» Getting Exchange Server Group(s)

»» Getting Exchange Server(s)

»» Getting Exchange Hosting Information

»» Start: Create Organization

»» INFO: Creating zedtest

»» Error: All hosted groups security Group 'RootSecurityGroup MachPanel' could not be created. Details: Create Security Group: Couldn't find object "hmclab.test/Users/hmcadmin". Please make sure that it was spelled correctly or specify a different object. Reason: The recipient hmclab.test/Users/hmcadmin isn't the expected type.


There are few modifications that need to be done for Users other than Administrator in case of Exchange 2010 environment. This issue can be successfully resolved by performing the following:

  1. Make an email address for the specific user in Exchange using Exchange Management Console (EMC)
  2. Add the user to Exchange Trusted Subsystem Security Group
    • Right click Trusted Subsystem Security Group and goto Properties
    • Click on the Members tab
    • Add the specific user
  3. Go to Active Directory Users and Computers
    • Right click on the RootSecurityGroup in Hosting
    • Click on the Management tab
    • Select the required user
This way, the desired Permissions will be granted.
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