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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v4.0.36 Release Notes (December 11, 2009)


Release Date: December 11, 2009

1. Important Prerequisites
2. Upgrade Instructions
3. New Features/Improvements
4. Resolved Issues
5. Known Issues
Important Pre-requisites
1. MachPanel Control Server v.4.0.34
2. MachPanel Remote Server v.4.0.34
Upgrade Instructions
Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:
1. Update to Latest MachPanel
2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server
IMPORTANT - Update to MachPanel 4.0 Build 36: The update process followed in above knowledge base articles will automatically upgrade to latest build.

New Features/Improvements
  • New feature: Implemented product upgrade/downgrade feature.
  • New feature: DNS Templates provisioning for database/mail from interfaces.
  • New feature: White labeling option for reseller.
  • Improvement: Refined and much improved implementation of DNS and Domain Alias.
  • Improvement: Session management, values are loaded from session instead of registry.
  • Improvement: Reduced time taken to display login screen.
  • Improvement: Implemented "Send password" option in Mailbox listing.
  • Improvement: Implementation of secondary DNS Zone removal in hosting/domain, sub-domain cancellation and deletion.
  • Improvement: Domain Alias interface was modified/enhanced (fields being pre-populated).
  • Improvement: Remove button is added for associate add-on interface in Online Store.
  • Improvement: Confirmation message is displayed before deletion of items and confirmation button is also added in Store.
  • Improvement: Interface improvement for forget password screen.
  • Improvement: Alignment disorder was removed. Much improved display messages.
  • Improvement: Backup progress bar along with the backup button at DB backup interface for user convenience.
  • Improvement: Interface improvement including fields and distance between text and radio buttons.

Resolved Issues
  • Bug fixed: Public IP instead of Private IP in IIS Bindings.
  • Bug fixed: Country field at Customer from does not match with Provider’s default country.
  • Bug fixed: Spell mistake at domain details interface under domain names.
  • Bug fixed: Primary DNS field is empty.
  • Bug fixed: Domain Alias not working properly.
  • Bug fixed: Error encountered while editing DNS Service It Displayed Error Message.
  • Bug fixed: Billing service is not generating renewal invoices.
  • Bug fixed: No confirmation message of account creation.
  • Bug fixed: Wrong button name in message.
  • Bug fixed: Error encountered when trying to modify DNS entry: Operation failed. Detail: 50856-:Generic failure
  • Bug fixed: Improper tab sequencing at Add order form interface.
  • Bug fixed: Simple DNS is not implemented in case of handling DNS in Hosted CRM Extension.
  • Bug fixed: No package Information e-mail being sent to client upon service provisioning.
  • Bug fixed: Domain name is not displayed on domain alias interface if DNS is Simple DNS.
  • Bug fixed: In Exchange, handle DNS feature not supported with Simple DNS.
  • Bug fixed: When clicked on Save Button of Domain Alias it Displayed Error Message.
  • Bug fixed: Validation problem in Default Reseller LDAP URL for Exchange, CRM, SharePoint and HMC server group settings.
  • Bug fixed: Setting Shared IP as Leased creates problem.
  • Bug fixed: An Error with required field is generated in Store Configuration, although there are no such required fields present when PayPal is selected as payment method.
  • Bug fixed: Error occurred when tried to create Domain again with same name but with capital letter.
  • Bug fixed: In store, when you click on PayPal, it shows description as "Test", even though you change its settings to "Test Mode" No.
  • Bug fixed: Disabling mailboxes via MachPanel and again enabling them results in emails being lost.
  • Bug fixed: MachPanel crashes when session expires.
  • Bug fixed: Following error had occurred when clicked on Hosting Accounts after provisioned domain:"Operation failed. Details: Error while calculating folder spaces for disk quota.
  • Bug fixed: Generic failure occurred on Add DNS record screen.
  • Bug fixed: Provisioning had failed with IIS6 following error had occurred:Failed! 50829-50847-The Workstation service has not been started. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007085A)
  • Bug fixed: Invalid Error message had occurred when Domain was not provisioned.
  • Bug fixed: No error message on providing wrong domain name.
  • Bug fixed: No action occurred when clicked buy add-on button.
  • Bug fixed: Invalid error message for changing locale.
  • Bug fixed: Tax zone does not work.
  • Bug fixed: On registering a domain, an unknown error message is generated.
  • Bug fixed: Selecting multiple options at “Web hosting plans and order form” and continuing results in an error.
  • Bug fixed: Terms and conditions link not working properly.
  • Bug fixed: No button to sign out from the store.
  • Bug fixed: Unknown problem occurs on some installations.
  • Bug fixed: Mismatch size type in Email list & product resources.

Known Issues
There are no known issues for this build.

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