HOW TO:Partner of Tier 2 having no CSP Profile on Microsoft

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HOW TO:Partner of Tier 2 having no CSP Profile on Microsoft


This article provides detailed steps how to add Tier 2 partner having no CSP profile on Microsoft in MachPanel.

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This article applies to v6 and above.


For Partners of Tier 2 having no CSP profile on Microsoft, there is anoption of 'No Profile' when creating a CSP package in MachPanel.

  1. Partner of Tier 2 is required to import offers through a CSV and then sell them.
  2. Firstly customer needs to be set up on backend [directly on Partner center or Tier 2 provided interface] and then imported in MachPanel from where you can do detailed management. During the provisioning phase Login/Password of the admin / tenant needs to be entered in MachPanel to complete provisioning.
  3. Once import is completed into MachPanel, ensure to use MachPanel for all actions/operations so that the panel and backend (CSP account) remains in Sync.

Detailed flow is explained below.

Add No Profile CSP Product

  • In first step for tier 2 partner you have to create no profile CSP product. Navigate to following path Home > Service Plans > Microsoft CSP Products and click Add New Product as shown below:

  • Select No Profile from O365 Partner Profile

  • Under Offers tab you have to Import Offers.

  • Download sample CSV file and then import required offers to service plan.

  • After Importing offers select the offers and then provide the rest of the details and Finish to add the Service Plan.

Subscribe Customer using No Profile Product
  • Now you have to provision\subscribe CSP service using this "No Profile" service plan as shown below:

  • Select CSP Services as shown below:

  • Select 'No profile' product for Package. Provide all the required details and add your product to shopping cart.

  • In service queue click control & add admin login details created at CSP 

  • After providing details click RUN to complete provisioning.

  • To manage CSP account navigate to Path: Home > Service Director > Microsoft CSP > Accounts and click Manage.

How to increase License quantity of CSP service from MachPanel?

  • In order to increase the licenses you have to increase the total number from following path: Home > Customer Manager > Subscriptions. Click on the name of subscription as shown below:

  • Select Subscription tab and add Quantity. click Update when done.

  • In CSP panel you also need to add quantity.

How to increase quantity of Domains and Users?

  • In order to increase the quantity of Domains allowed and Users you need to sell Add-ons. First of all you have to create an Add-on at following path: Home > Service Plans > Microsoft CSP Products and associate to your CSP Service Plan.

  • Then you have to subscribe service and select Add-on from services section. After selecting currency you have to select Package Type and Package and finally select the Add-on.

  • Add to shopping cart and let it provision from Service queue. After completion it will be shown under your subscription's Add-ons tab.

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