RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v5.6.30 Release Notes (April 25th, 2017)

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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v5.6.30 Release Notes (April 25th, 2017)


  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Major Enhancements
  4. Improvements\New Features
  5. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  6. Known Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.5.23 or earlier
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.5.23 or earlier

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Important Note:

  • Note 1: If you update MachPanel to Build v5.6.30, it will become mandatory to update all ADSync Clients to ADSync v4.0 as clients on older version of ADSync will not work after the update.  Please check details on link below for details on how to perform ADSync update to v4.0.
  • Note 2: All previous hot-fixes are included in this build.

3. Major Enhancements

4. Improvements\New Features
  • General (ADSync, API, Billing, Helpdesk, Active Directory)
  • To improve SQL performance, avoid deadlocks following change is required on MachPanel Database:
    • Login as SA, Open MachPanel_DB properties, click Options, change “Is Read Committed Snapshot On” to “True” as shown below:

  • To optimize queries related to jobs in CSP and other modules, the job records that get completed are now removed after 1 hour. Previously jobs completed were deleted after 7 days.
  • For performance tuning of Web and Services, we have replaced frequent registry calls to read settings like Log Folder path, Database Connection string with single read at application start and used Shared object to keep that data. This has a side effect that any changes made in registry like Connection string changed, LoggingEnabled etc, a restart of services, IIS, MachPanel Configuration Studio is needed. Use RestartAllMachPanelServices.exe placed in MachPanel installation/Bin folder after making changes in Registry so that changes are reflected in application.
  • ADSync update is mandatory, all clients using ADSync will have to update ADSync to v4.0. Please review following KB article on how to update ADSync:
  • AD: Active directory Password policy (e.g. Password never expires, User Must change password on first logon etc.)
  • AD: New “ADSync Enabled” checkbox search filter in AD Users listing.
  • AD: Add Bulk AD Users functionality.
  • ADSync: Functionality to sync disabled users from local AD to hosted AD.
  • ADSync: Sync disabled attribute of local AD users to hosted AD.
  • ADSync: Option for “Advanced Filter” under Sync Profile, so that a user can enter custom AD attribute filter he wants to apply and we will enforce it by appending it to current search query used.
  • ADSync: Instead of showing example URL on image button click, display example URL under Web Service URL input, so that user can copy and paste it in box and change it.
  • ADSync: Photo Synchronization feature to allow the user to add their photo in Active Directory (On Premises AD) and update that data in the Control Panel and Hosted AD.
  • ADSync: Option to disable Sync profile. If ADSync is disabled from MachPanel, the ADSync tool will not send data to sync for that profile. In ADSync exception log (MachPanel side) it will show that XYZ org data for sync is not processed as Sync is disabled. In ADSync Config Studio, we will show indication that Sync is not enabled or disabled for particular Org in MachPanel. It will show error message in user binding interface.
  • API: General properties of user cannot be modified if being synced with client AD using API.
  • API: Set Journaling and Group membership using exchange API.
  • General: Group actions tab is visible to end-customers too.
  • General: Network Monitoring module is discontinued/hidden from Panel by default.
  • General: Added a button in Jobs interface to reset tries count to 1 for failed jobs so that they can be auto processed.
  • General: Handled 2FA permission in staff role, currently we don't have any permission for this under Staff roles and any staff user can see this setting.
  • General: Shown optional field for Disabled AD Users under Exchange management and AD user management.
  • General: Provided user account options such as Password never expires, User must change password on first logon etc. in AD domain settings and will be automatically applied these settings when any user is created using AD User, Exchange mailboxes, CRM Users, SharePoint Users and SfB Users interfaces.
  • General: In AD user Add/Edit, username, password field will not be pre-filled.
  • General: Increased textbox size in Plan/add-on Price group step to show larger inputs.
  • General: Displayed server group name on remote server listing page against each server.
  • General: By default, enabled Billing/Helpdesk for all resellers in Reseller Access Templates.
  • General: Changed the button "Filter" to "Search" for consistency on miscellaneous places.
  • General: Allowed quantity increase/decrease in sold add-on.
  • General: Removed trailing spaces in Display Name, UPN, Primary email using JS instead of giving error from server side.
  • General: Added icon for Sub reseller in Status column of Staff users. Please review Kb on how to manage customers under sub reseller
  • General: Hidden misc. from dashboard interface for sub-reseller. Hide summary, sections that are disabled e.g. Helpdesk, SPLA report links, View report, Over Quota reports. Full sections that contains Create new customer, Configure billing, Staff users etc.
  • General: Provided ability to specify number of day in text box instead of selecting from dropdown. Interface is provided in “Audit Logs”.
  • General: Supported multiple Hyphen characters allowed in LDAP URL.
  • General: Implemented validation on White Label URL, Valid web address starting with http or https and allowed port also.
  • General: When creating new Org in Lync, SharePoint, CRM provisioning, Country will be set according to Customer profile.
  • General: New Access templates options: Enable API access for reseller, Allow to cancel add-on, Allow to edit add-on, Show domain username, Allow to edit profile.
  • General: Adjusted success/error/warning/info message div sizes to reasonable height. If message exceeds that height then scroll will be displayed.
  • General:  In AD user listing, Provided Bulk options for disable, enable and unlock operations. Disable, Enable, unlock button will be shown along with Remove when a checkbox is checked in listing.
  • General: Provided Bulk Add, Bulk Update button on AD Users listing to add/update AD users in bulk.
  • General: Shown Add-ons and Misc. Product Quantity in General tab before Billing Cycle in Add-ons management page.
  • General: Provided status filter under Customer -> Customer Details -> Subscriptions tab.
  • General: Updated Billing Only Add-ons add/edit screen. Screen size remains fixed in each step and horizontal or vertical scroll will appear, if required.
  • General: Provided Action type filter in service queue.
  • General: Provided different email templates to send to reseller and end customer. Currently on both reseller and End customer creation same email template is being used.

  • CRM
  • Add/edit CRM user with a non-interactive admin user account.
  • Added Office, Department, Country field to Usage report as several large customers that need to be invoiced separately by Office Location and the reports will help identify what office location the User belongs to. The fields are included in exported excel only, not in interface.
  • Added instant Sync for CRM users. This is added in the BU sync function. Instant sync of CRM user from backend is implemented.
  • Users not belonging to selected OU/Organization are listed for end user convenience when importing/migrating an existing CRM organization.
  • In Add CRM user interface by default country will set as per organization setting or customer setting. Enhancement: Sell Bulk Addons to All Customers under all Owners added in.
  • Exchange
  • Added Office, Department, Country field to Usage report as several large customers that need to be invoiced separately by Office Location and the reports will help identify what office location the User belongs to. The fields are included in exported excel only, not in interface.
  • Dedicated PFM setting function added.
  • Mailbox enable/disable option with “Litigation Hold” true and false will not be effected, on changing Mailbox Enable/Disable should not affect Litigation Hold.
  • API is provided for Exchange domain management, mailbox management, groups management, contacts management and Mailbox Litigation Hold.
  • Now Exchange litigation hold can be offered as an Add-on Feature under Custom type add-ons. Previously it was only possible via service Plan.
  • Now Resource and Shared Mailbox can be offered in Exchange Service plan so that we can sell them via plans as well as in add-ons. Resource and Shared Mailbox are added in Exchange Package Add/Edit and in Exchange Subscription resources screen. If reseller does not have shared or resource mailboxes purchased, the resources will be hidden from reseller service plan add/edit, subscription resources interface.
  • Added SPLA detail in subscription summary (exchange) under Graphs.
  • Mailbox count in SPLA reports is hyperlinked to have ability to view/download filtered report in single click. Offered filter based on SPLA type in Mailbox Usage report [Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus], on Status of mailbox [Active, Disabled/on hold] and on Edu-discount package. Hyperlinks in SPLA reports, click will take to Usage report with prefilled SPLA type and Status dropdown, link is for individual line items, not for total fields.
  • Added Option under Full Access to enable/ disable Auto Mapping on selected members.
  • Provided Outlook and Entourage download URL variables in Exchange Organization setup email as they are in Mailbox setup email.
  • UM services can be offered only for type user and linked and will be hidden for shared, resource and equipment type mailboxes.
  • On Package/Add-on Edit, if Sync Resources is checked then update existing Subscription Mailbox Template, template mappings will be removed for all end-customers using that template and re-mapping will be done for newly updated template. Note: We are updating end-Customer Subscriptions only, No update done will be performed for Reseller subscription.
  • Exchange 2016 and Exchange Online have support for the following versions of Outlook: Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 with KB2965295, Outlook for Mac for Office 365, Outlook for Mac 2011. Exchange 2016 does not support outlook 2007, so when exchange provider is exchange 2016 then Outlook 2007 download profile setting will be hidden from Mailbox listing (PCC, RCC and CCC) and 4th user interface.
  • In earlier build we had an option templates list to assign Template customer, but we have change this implementation and now template is associated with subscription on provisioning time, but we don’t have an option to remove/view the template in subscription later. We added an interface to view/edit mailbox template associated with Exchange subscription. In Exchange Subscription resources tab, shown templates from subscription and template from Add-ons separately. Allowed user to add/edit templates from Subscription templates. Again, a template associated with a mailbox could not be removed from selected list.
  • New Access template permission is introduced, named as "Allow custom mailbox template", which is not allowed by default. If allowed in access template/permission all subscriptions under that customer/reseller will see a node "Custom" in Mailbox template dropdown (add/edit mailbox, mailbox group actions), If "custom" selected in add/edit Mailbox or via group action, all effected Mailboxes will see Advance tab (like no mailbox template is applied ever), new mailbox settings will be according to plan/add-on resources. Edit mailbox (created using mailbox template previously) feature selected via access template will be shown in advance tab (This will just set template as custom, nothing will be changed, but visible in edit interface to change if custom is selected.). We should be able to set existing mailboxes template to Custom using Group Action Feature.
  • Implement new custom select-able/Selected user control in below places: Mailboxes >> Mail flow settings >> Accept message From, Reject message from.
  • Enhancement: User removed from Exchange DLs on mailbox remove. 

  • Web Hosting
  • New database users can only view databases assigned to them.
  • MYSQL provider is renamed without any version, to support any available MYSQL version.
  • Skype for Business
  • In Phone Numbers Add screen, a checkbox is added "Hide from User, Workflow interface". In Users add/edit, workflow add/edit, the number that has this bit set, will not be available. Existing numbers will have this bit set to available. In Phone numbers CSV file, added "HideFromUser" bit and handled. To modify existing numbers, user should be able to select multiple numbers in phone numbers interface, and click on a button in operations: "Hide from User, Workflow interface", "Show in User, Workflow interface".
  • Added Office, Department, Country field to Usage report as several large customers that need to be invoiced separately by Office Location and the reports will help identify what office location the User belongs to. The fields are included in exported excel only, not in interface.
  • Added extension field with private line as well just like it is with Line URI while adding or editing SfB user. Extension field is shown but optional to fill in. Currently Private line is used once for a user (it cannot be assigned to any other user) kept it as currently implemented. People in industry does not use it with extension, it’s just for the translation rules to work. In new implementation, we don't need to change handling i.e. Private line number used once (with/without ext.) will not be shown to another user. This will be supported in all versions of Lync server.
  • Added SPLA detail in subscription summary under graphs.
  • Provider SPLA report for customer.
  • Introduced new check box under federation tab name it as Allow All Known domains. Applies in Lync 2013 Hosting Pack only.
  • Updated string to Skype for Business under Company Settings >> MachPanel API tab.
  • Enhancement: Implemented Allow all known domains for specific tenant in SFB module.
  • SharePoint
  • Added Office, Department, Country field to Usage report as several large customers that need to be invoiced separately by Office Location and the reports will help identify what office location the User belongs to. The fields are included in exported excel only, not in interface.
  • In Add SharePoint user interface by default country will set as per organization setting or customer setting.
  • Added portal link at end-customer dashboard for quick navigation.
  • VPS
  • Implemented full Access templates permissions under Reseller/End-Customer for VPS Hosting.
  • Implemented expand primary disk with Linux guest. Expand and check Linux inside VM working. Performed check on System disk size in VM.
  • "Expand" button will be disabled just like "Remove" button in case of Primary Disk.
  • Shown VPS subscription on end-customer Dashboard regardless there is any VPS under the subscription. VPS subscription record Manage button will be shown, if there is no VPS account created this will navigate to VPS Subscription. If there are VPS accounts, the subscription will be repeated in listing for each VPS account and Manage button will take to VPS management.
  • Added a note to snapshot resource in "Add-ons" for Cluster Server. “It is only available for standalone Server Group setup.”
  • Added link to go back to step 2 in case if someone try to import VM without setting NIC.
  • Added VM limit in VPS Server Add/Edit.
  • Provided an interface to handle VM Move scenario automatically. In VPS Subscription page a Re-Import link is given. On click, it will bring user to Import VM Page, delete this VM and all associated data like IPs.

5.  Resolved\Fixed Issues

  • General (API, Billing, Help-desk, Active Directory)
  • AD: Jobs was not displaying in AD Users group actions.
  • AD: AD User manager not being set is fixed.
  • AD: Fixed AD module giving remoting error when no other module in use.
  • ADSync: Jobs will be added for only those users whose details are updated, not for all users.
  • Billing: Fixed invoice amount in correct issue in Reset Invoice functionality.
  • Billing: Warning added in Cancel Invoice, Cancel Payment.
  • Billing: Fixed Currency conversion JS issue with long inputs for the currencies with low value. For example: “We have an issue with Indonesian Locale and all currencies where if you set a pricing of service plan to 2050000, hitting tab to other text box convers the value to GBP 2.050.000,00.  Later if you edit the plan or come back to same price, and hit tab or click on other text box, the price changes to GBP 2.050,00. Issue was initially seen with Indonesian Rupee which is low in value and prices tend to be in millions for Hyper-V services, but same issue can be seen with any currency since currency does not matter.”
  • Billing: Hide the billing cycle from Add-on listing where it is appearing when Billing is off.
  • ConfigurationStudio: Avoid automatic update unlimited loop if there is any error and update attempt is > 4.
  • ConfigurationStudio: Highlight which server and port is the configuration studio attempting to connect to. Also, hyper-link is given to open configuration studio Log File.
  • CRM
  • Changed resource name from "no of Site Collections" to "no of organization" under the packages/subscriptions resources.
  • CRM provisioning from Service Queue interface is changed, CRM Organization will be setup by Provisioning service.
  • Fixed error in updating database when creating CRM user.
  •  Exchange
  • Error in Contact edit (Unknown Error...) fixed.
  • Fixed mailbox quota error on add mailbox when subscription has no mailbox, User mailbox and shared mailbox added via add-on.
  • Fixed bulk mailbox not creating aliases.
  • Removed paging from SPAM filter domains to avoid paging error.
  • PFM for Mailbox randomized to distribute PFMName evenly among Organizations if All option is selected in PFM bindings.
  • On Client request added Internal notes input for mailbox in Add/Edit mailbox General interface under optional fields section.
  • Personal Archiving quota will be consumed on enabling Personal archiving.
  • Fixed issue, when applying mailbox template via Group Actions the action completed successfully but still shows pending status in group actions.
  • Fixed issue while removing Send As from Distribution list, it won’t allow to remove last member in the list. In Message Approval section. If checkbox is checked "Messages sent to this group have to be approved by a moderator" group moderator is mandatory, so * on selected list is placed. At the same location "Error in SetMessageApprovalSettings: Index was outside the bounds of the array." is shown unless at-least one selection isn't made in "Group moderator" and "Senders who don't require message approved".
  • Master account password will not be visible at any interface of add linked mailbox (after one linked mailbox is added.) i.e. provider/Staff user/ Customer Side. Currently, MachPanel shows the password on checking "show password" option. The password was prefilled from database (previously saved for "added linked mailbox").
  • Fixed issue in Add Bulk Distribution List issue.
  • Fixed cannot create equipment mailbox due to resources error related to shared mailbox.
  • Fixed Outlook CAL set in Enterprise Template issue.
  • Linked admin password input hidden in Add mailbox, mailbox detail.
  • Fixed Template update job completed but status not changing.
  • Fixed issue: “When Wireless Services and SPAM filter Tab is hidden, Application Impersonation becomes last Tab in Exchange Subscription Management, and when click on Application Impersonation tab, this tab text gets Bold and Tab goes in next line.”
  • Fixed issue: “I see @@ in UPN instead of @ when a mailbox is assigned Full Access permission on another mailbox.”
  • Removed trailing spaces in Display Name using JS instead of giving error from server side.
  • Fixed issue: “I see quota in Add/edit plan/subscription is specified in MBs, but in subscription details it is shown in GBs.”
  • Removed "change password" option from group actions log when the operation failed for linked mailbox. Because for linked mailbox password is not required as input.
  • Fixed issue: “double message display on operation save” at miscellaneous places in exchange.
  • Skype for Business\Lync\OCS
  • Editing SFB User is updating Mail in AD User.
  • While importing Phone Numbers, using either of interfaces: OCSAccountDetail.aspx or OCSSetup.aspx. After specifying Region when one uses Tab tries to specify Type, region DDL appear and doesn't go away unless one of options appearing in DDL isn't selected. Same is for type DDL.
  • Agent with changed SIP address suffix appears unselected.
  • SharePoint
  • Fixed error in SharePoint Package upgrade PowerShell command due to extra space after hyphen (-).
  • Fixed Issue: “With a package upgrade from SharePoint Foundation to standard we have a small write error in the script: for site, we have space between "-" and "template". It should be "-template", issue with standard to enterprise too.”
  • Fixed issue: “Page Breaks for SharePoint Test Service if there is connectivity issue SharePoint”
  • Fixed issue: “SharePoint user quota error when adding via AD user interface is fixed.”
  • VPS
  • Fixed error in VPS product edit in Static Ram case.
  • Fixed error in VPS product edit when reseller tries to edit product.
  • Don’t Import VM if It’s RAM is great than available RAM (Remaining RAM, Service Plan –RAM).
  • Fixed issues in VPS service plan edit while log-in as reseller.
  • Fixed missing IP issue in VPS import in existing subscription.
  • Fixed issue in expand additional disk in virtual machine management. “Operation failed. Conversion from string "" to type 'Double' is not valid.” Performed check if fixed size additional disk should be allowed to expand (click on expand opens expansion section, changes aren't being save due to same error in both cases.)
  • Added missing icon in VPS Providers listing

  • General
  • Delayed loading of Graph section done in Exchange Subscription and Management screen.
  • Logo image display issue if image is loaded from WordPress and contains upper case letter fixed.
  • Bulk Add-on selling to Resellers and Customers optimized and details logged in Log folder.
  • Schedule reports is hidden from Reseller clients.
  • Fixed error in Customer detail on template change by Reseller.
  • Fixed error in login from WHMCS for Reseller subscription.
  • All PDF download and email options are removed due to slow performance by PDF component when data is large and due to truncation of data in PDF file.
  • Fixed problem in Customer Move where subscriptions got deleted because of Pager in Move interface does not list all subscriptions when Page size is less then number of subscriptions under Customer.
  • Fixed error if extension is .CSV instead of .csv
  • Fixed Issue: “Active directory management is allowed from access Permission for Reseller, but when we log in into the MP as reseller, MP does not show the Active directory section.”
  • Fixed issue: “Currently MP allows us to add same contacts for multiple customers. Contact should be unique in MP.”
  • Fixed issue: “On customer Delete button MP gives the error. Operation failed. Details: Procedure or function 'SP_EM_GetSubscriptions' expects parameter '@SubResellerId', which was not supplied.”
  • Fixed issue: “End customer of reseller getting all reports of reseller. Furthermore, schedule usage report setting saved in Reseller automatically saved in Customer & vice versa.” Now hidden Schedule Usage report from Reseller's end-customer as we don't have this tab for Provider's end-customer.
  • Fixed issue: “We have links to manage Exchange, SP, CRM, Lync, Tenant user from AD User listing or from Customer dashboard. Consider case: You created a new User with mailbox, if you edit ADUser, you do not see Exchange screen till user status changes from Provisioning to Active or when Mailbox is disabled. But if you click on Exchange icon in AD User listing, you can open Mailbox details screen which is wrong if Mailbox status is provisioning. this is found for other services as well”
  • Fixed Reseller's Dashboard Tiles alignment issue. Without reports dashboard tiles weren't aligned rightly.
  • Reseller cannot see "Sell Bulk Add-Ons to Customer" under quota over used section.
  • Handled html tags are visible in audit log details.
  • Fixed issue: “When a Provider, without log-in into an account subscribes for a service after saving order it is redirected to service queue with a message "Order has been saved successfully". But cannot see items in service queue because of owner selection.”
  • Disabled Resources edit button for Cancelled Add-ons.

6.  Known Issues



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