HOW TO:Microsoft Dynamics 365

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HOW TO:Microsoft Dynamics 365


This article provides summary on Dynamics 365 handling  / integration

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This article applies to MachPanel Build v5.6.30

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Upgraded from legacy version Or fresh installation) 

We have introduced another version of “CRMTask.exe” to handle code changes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (previously known-as Dynamics CRM 2016) which can be downloaded from the following URL.


Zip file “” contains a folder named "CRMTasks-v2" which Includes the following files ...

                1.  CRMTasks.exe
                2.  microsoft.crm.sdk.proxy.dll
                3.  microsoft.xrm.sdk.dll

Please log into the Dynamics 365 Server(s) then navigate to "C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Remote Server" and Replace all the above mentioned files.

NOTE: it is required to update CRM task and dlls before using MachPanel with Dynamics 365. If you are still using Dynamics CRM 2016 and not planning to upgrade to Dynamics 365 then no changes are needed.

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