RELNOTES:5.5.23 HF2 - Hotfix 2 for MachPanel build v5.5.23 -...

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RELNOTES:5.5.23 HF2 - Hotfix 2 for MachPanel build v5.5.23 -...


This article provides 5.5.23 HF2 (Hotfix-2) and information about how to apply this fix on your servers. The hotfix is a cumulative update so contains all fixes from HF1 for build 5.5.23. 

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel v5.5.23.

Important Notes

  • MachPanel Control Panel and all MachPanel Remote Servers need to be on Build v5.5.23 and then Hot-fix can be applied. Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:
  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Latest Issues Fixed

v 5.5.23 HF2
Last Updated on 6th, March, 2017. 

1: PFM for Mailbox randomized to distribute PFMName evenly among Organizations if All option is selected in PFM bindings.
2: Bulk Addon selling to Resellers and Customers optimized and details logged in Log folder.
3: Fixed AD module giving remoting error when no other module in use.
4: CRM provisioning from Service Queue interface is changed, CRM Organization will be setup by Provisioning service.
5: Fixed missing IP issue in VPS import in existing subscription.
6: Schedule reports is hidden from Reseller clients.
7: Fixed error in Customer detail on template change by Reseller.
8: Fixed error in login from WHMCS for Reseller subscription.
9: All PDF download and email options are removed due to slow performance by PDF component when data is large and due to truncation of data in PDF file.
10: Fixed error in SharePoint Package upgrade power-shell command due to extra space after hyphen (-).
11: Fixed error in VPS product edit in Static Ram case.
12: Fixed error in VPS product edit when reseller tries to edit product.
13: Fixed issue: editing SFB User is updating Mail in AD User.
14: Fixed cannot create equipment mailbox due to resources error related to shared mailbox.
15: Fixed problem in Customer Move where Subscriptions got deleted because of Pager in Move interface does not list all subscriptions when Page size is less then number of subscriptions under Customer.
16: Fixed Outlook CAL set in Enterprise Template issue.
17: Linked admin password input hidden in Add mailbox, mailbox detail.
18: Fixed Template update job completed but status not changing.

ADSync Update:
Optional fix for ADSync - files on Client-AD need to be updated IF you choose to apply this patch for ADSync:
Future updates will contain more enhancements for ADSync, so you can only apply MachPanel HF2 and skip updating the ADSync update for now.

1: In ADSync configuration studio if we open the mapping and save it without making any changes to the mapping and user data, the next time  Sync happens it created ADSync jobs for all of the users selected in the Mapping.
Client had two customers one with more than 200 users and one with 34 selected for Sync in Mapping. It created jobs for all and there were no changes made to the users.
If we make a change to user let say change the user’s password and do not touch the mapping on next sync iteration ADSync job is created for only that particular user.

2: Error in setting Config when Division attribute is blank.
3: Enable ADUser for edit in server side when a user is un-mapped.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.    Open ADSYNC Config studio.
2.    Click on Configure Mapping.
3.    Click on Save in mapping window without making any change and exit.
4.    Wait for the Sync interval to complete or click on Sync Now.
5.    Check in Panel, jobs will be created for all of the users.

4: Fixed issue with Auto Un-Mapping of users which are removed / moved away from the synced OU.

Copy files from ADSync folder within the file downloaded from link below. Replace files in installation directory of ADSync to apply the fix.

v 5.5.23 HF1
Last Updated on 14th, December, 2016.

1: Error in Contact edit "Unknown Error...) fixed.
2: Country is set as per Customer profile in Exchange subscription provisioning routine.
3: Fixed error in updating database when creating CRM user.
4: Fixed invoice amount in correct issue in Reset Invoice functionality.
5: Fixed mailbox quota error on add mailbox when subscription has no mailbox, User mailbox and shared mailbox added via addon.
6: Warning added in Cancel Invoice, Cancel Payment.
7: Delayed loading of Graph section done in Exchange Subscription and Management screen.
8: Fixed bulk mailbox not creating aliases.
9: Removed paging from SPAM filter domains to avoid paging error.
10: Logo image display issue if image is loaded from WordPress and contains upper case letter fixed.
11: Enhancement: Implemented Allow all known domains for specific tenant in Lync module (Only for Lync 2013 Hosting Pack). *
12: Enhancement: User removed from Exchange DLs on mailbox remove.
13: AD User manager not being set is fixed.

* Requires remote update.


      • Go to MachPanel configuration studio.
      • Shut down all the MachPanel services and also exit the configuration studio. Make sure no instance to MachPanel Configuration Studio is running under any user.

      • Download the hotfix file from the link at bottom of this page.
      • Stop IIS Admin Service, please make sure that all the services are STOPPED from MachPanel Configuration Studio. Verify from "Task Manager" that the following services are not running.
      1. MachSol.MachPanel Provisioning Service.
      2. MachSol.MachPanel.ConfigurationStudio.exe.
      3. MachPanel Billing Service.
      4. MachPanel Helpdesk Service.
      5. MachPanel Network Service.
      6. MachPanel License Service.
      7. MachPanel O365 Service.

      • Replace files from Control Server folder on MachPanel control server (Path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Control Server) and Replace files from Remote server folder of hotfix folder on MachPanel remote server keeping the folder hierarchy same as it is in hotfix. (you should get message to overwrite files, if not you are not doing it right).
      • Execute script.txt from zip file on MachPanel_Db after logging in to SQL management studio as MachPanel_Db user.  Password can be obtained from connection string in registry of MachPanel Control Server.

      • Once all files are replaced properly from hotfix folder Restart all services related to MachPanel on Control as well as Remote Servers.

      Download Link

      Note: Please Unblock the files before replacing in installation directory if the downloaded Zip folder is blocked.

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