RELNOTES: MachPanel 5.1 BUILD 11 Release Notes (September 12, 2014)

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RELNOTES: MachPanel 5.1 BUILD 11 Release Notes (September 12, 2014)


  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. New Features/Improvements
  4. Resolved/Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issue

Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.1.10
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.1.10

Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Note:  The functions used to encrypt/decrypt data in database, remote calls etc are updated to support more character sets. Due to this change control to remote communication will break after control server is updated on latest build. User will have to update all remote servers individually by logging on to remote server as automatic update of remote server will not work.  Please click here for steps on performing the update.

Note 2:  Lync Call Report and Billing enhancements: All clients who are using "Lync Call Reporting" need to re-configure settings for updated reporting and billing to work properly. Please contact Support\Sales for updated documentation and instructions.

Note 3:  WHMCS integration is updated and existing clients need to update integration by following instructions in WHMCS guide in zip.  Please review details here.

Major Enhancements

  1. ZarinPal Payment Gateway Integration Please review following KB article:
  2. Exchange server and mailboxes new configuration/management.
  3. Updated WHMCS Integration.
  4. Generic function for package switch is written for API
  5. Lync Call Report and Billing enhancements

New Features \ Improvements

  • General
  • Separate billing for resellers and provider
  • Moving Reseller subscription (as End Customer) to his customer
  • Moving Subscription - Selecting a reseller with no end customer
  • Provider handling ticket on behalf of reseller's customer
  • Editing staff user
  • Selecting language while adding reseller/Customer
  • Handle multiple languages in Email templates, Invoices Exchange
  • Encrypt/Decrypt function has been changed to support more character sets
  • Exchange
  • Hardcoded mailbox templates: If same name template already exists, that data is updated according to SPLA setting in template.
  • Customer permission Tab enhancement
  • Bulk deletion option added for Mail Contacts and distribution lists
  • Added option to set Deleted Item Retention Period in Service Plan for Exchange
  • Group Action right-to-Left selection Option and Searching option
  • Option to create multiple Acceptance Terms and conditions in store configuration
  • Ability to select/assign mailbox templates while Adding/editing End customer.
  • Hide distribution list Advance permission Via Access template /customer's Permission
  • Mailbox template Enhancement, give option to add mailbox in specific security group using template.
  • Ability to disable spam filter
  • Public folder Primary email Address (Make this the reply address)
  • Add UPNSuffix to OU at the time of provisioning Exchange
  • SPLA report enhancement
  • Editing resource of Exchange sold Add-on
  • Journaling should be configured as a mailbox feature (like personal archiving and litigation hold).
  • Accepted Domain should not be deleted if it is being used in mailbox.
  • Added new variable %OrganizationName% in all Exchange Email templates.
  • Handle structured Public Folder management and import as per permissions and storage allocated.
  • Change in access permission of Security Group from Reviewer to AvailabilityOnly on Mailbox calendar.

  • SharePoint
  • Option to allow admin/provider to add additional urls for sharepoint 2013 site collections
  • SharePoint user Add/Edit enhancement.
  • Categorization of SharePoint users: SharePoint SPLA report enhancement for user categorization implemented.
  • Permission level feature in SharePoint; SharePoint Portal management at Permission Level i.e. Adding a Permission Level, Deleting permission level & Editing Permission Level
  • Lync
  • Lync Phone Number search enhancement.
  • Lync Line URIs- hide available pool to avoid accidental deletion
  • Consistent add/edit Customer/reseller UIs
  • Lync user creation-Selecting feature via SPLA types
  • Adding Lync user increments the count of quota bar
  • Lync Voice call reporting enhancements.  Please refer to note on top or contact support/sales for details on reconfiguring reporting.
  • Search by SIP domain and Customer
  • Ability to edit allow/block federated domain
  • WorkFlow: Changing the Time zone for Business Hours
  • PCC\RCC\CCC - Ability to enable / disable UM for Lync users from Lync interfaces.
  • Active directory\ 4rth level user
  • Add option to enable/disable AD User in AD management
  • Graph on 4th level user interface
  • 4th level user UI enhancements - Accordion and button in respective section

Resolved \Fixed Issues

  • General
  • Microsoft SPLA - English
  • Cvv2 validation check while adding payment profile
  • Directi issue in online store
  • Change “Search by Server name” To by” Reference Id" in Home » Service Director » Remote Servers
  • Adding/editing priorities
  • Paging at IP lockdown
  • Staff user - Last login IP
  • Mailbox Edit issue when image is upload from 4th interface
  • Fixed SPLA type ID instead of SPLA type name
  • error-Payment cannot be processed
  • Radio button option issue in billing only add-on
  • Browser title for control panel synced for all levels
  • Exchange
  • Switch Exchange Subscription via API
  • When you delete an e-mail user, the OwaMailboxPolicy is not deleted.
  • Handled issue with Space in LDAP URL
  • Longer TLDs in exchange domains
  • Missing Variables-Exchange setup email template
  • SPLA type should be reported correctly even features like Achieving & UM aren't being used
  • Default permission assigned to the tenant security group for Calendar Permissions.
  • Missing "DNS settings” at CCC under Exchange mail domains
  • Replace Swedish characters during provisioning of an organization.
  • Error in deleting Public Folder
  • Hide “Add list Member" section from distribution list property when no member is available to be add.
  • SharePoint
  • DNS Record removal for SharePoint when Cancellations/Deletion takes place
  • Host file entry for SharePoint.
  • New user can’t add into a SharePoint Group.
  • Server version/edition/type is fetched from backend server and value set in machpanel database
  • WebHosting \ DNS
  • Webhosting management - Scripting UI and backend error handled
  • Unable to Add A/MX record To Simple DNS Zone
  • Additional Inputs for .se domains
  • IIS website - Missing configurations handled
  • Adding domain into webhosting Subscriptions with forward Url Option
  • Used Quota Reporting: Usage report should show correct value for allocation and used quota for each website in usage reports.
  • SOA Serial format updated
  • DNS zones listing error fixed
  • End Customer Can see All Dns zone
  • Search Filter is not working in DNS zone Listing
  • Import DNS zones for reseller's customers
  • Management of TTL for individual DNS record
  • DNS Limitation in customer and resellers' plans
  • Lync
  • In Lync user listing Sign-In-Name column, SIP Address gets replicated instead of Sign-In name
  • Migration utilities UI different Color
  • MachPanel forgets entry in AD OU when a Lync Domain is added
  • Workflow Time zone resetting
  • Click on Save to save changes in Line URI's
  • Fixed issue with Line URIs assignment to Resellers and their end customers.
  • Creating chat category and room without adding any lync user
  • Error in Groups when updating a Response Group
  • Active Directory\ 4rth level user
  • 4th level user-Download Outlook link visibility
  • 4th level user interface Outlook profile download Redirect to login page
  •  MachPanel API

Generic function for package switch is written for API: Package switching is available in API for all extension in general and for exchange in particular.

  • WHMCS Enhancements
  • Create reseller via WHMCS
  • Subscribe as reseller via WHMCS
  • Create customer under Reseller via WHMCS
  • IP field at PCC/RCC in WHMCS API setting to restrict API Access for Provider/Reseller from single IP address.

Known Issue

While Adding a New Mailbox, following error message occurs “Unable to fetch mailbox databases. Check server connectivity, Mailbox limits.”. Please review following KB for a fix:

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