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HOW TO:Configuring SPAM Filtration in MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary for SPAMExpert configuration in MachPanel. SpamExperts integration is already built into MachPanel and is very simple to use. All you need is an Account with SpamExperts and you will be able to automatically add/set up your domains into SpamExperts system and manage them.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel Build v5.3.10 and above.
Configuring SPAM Filtration in MachPanel
Please follow the steps to Configuring SPAM Filtration in MachPanel as mentioned below and use SpamFilters in Exchange along with their user interfaces.
  • To configure SPAM filter provider navigate to: Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting » SPAM Filters

  • Exchange Built-in Spam Filter is also added, Click on Edit to configure

  • Check enabled and Click save to view option for Exchange Built-in Spam Filter
  • Here you have three options
    • Sender Filtering
    • Recipients Filtering
    • Content Filtering
  • You can enable/disable any filtering

  • You select/provide desired setting under each filtering

After Click on Save, you can check Connectivity

  • Click on Edit on Spam experts

After Click on Save, you can check Connectivity

Allow Customers to Enable/Disable SPAM Filtration:
  • To allow/disallow SPAM Filtration for Customers/Resellers, you can check/uncheck "SPAM Filtration Enabled" under "Exchange Service Plans". It is also implemented in Access Templates.

  • To create a hosted email plan navigate to following path:Home » Service Plans » Exchange

  • Under Resources tab and check option SPAM Filtration Enabled.

    Note: You can also edit existing hosted email plans by clicking on the Edit link. and Sync sold plan resources.

    If this Sync sold plan resources checkbox is checked, product name, comments, plan resources will be updated in sold subscription resources. Changing plan resources does not auto update entities like Mailbox settings.

Enable Handle DNS
  • Enable Handle DNS from Exchange servers. Navigate to the following path: Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting » Exchange Server Groups. Please review following KB article for more details on DNS handling:
How to add SPAM Filter in Exchange account?

Now navigate to the Service Management section: Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting » Exchange Accounts » Manage Service. Click on SPAM filters tab, Click on Add SPAM Filter Domain\Alias(es) button to add new domain, and provide required details as shown in snapshot below:

  • Clicking on "Manage Domain" you get taken to the management interface at SPamExperts:

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