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HOW TO:Management of Public Folders

Mudesira Munir


This article provide a summary on the management of public folders.

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This article applies to all version of MachPanel.

Creation & Management of Public folders
To create a new Public Folder, click on Add Public Folder Button and provide the required details for e.g. as shown below:

Mail Enabled Public Folder

Mail Enable folder shows the following buttons:

1. General: You can allow/disallow posting to the public folders. You can also allow/disallow posting to external users as well as internal users.

  • Add Permissions to Public folder posting: Click on Add Permissions link under Public folder posting as shown in above snapshot:

2. Email address: You can also add email addresses to it.

3. Mail flow Settings:  You can manage Email forwarding settings to mailboxes.

4. Permissions: You can also adjust permissions such as Send on Behalf and Send As.

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