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HOW TO:Backup MachPanel Control and Remote Server

Zohaib Shaikh


This article provides information about how to manually backup your MachPanel Control and Remote Servers.

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MachPanel all versions

Important Note: It is very important to take backup of following on regular intervals. It is very important to know version of the backed up database file, control server files and remote server files.

  1. MachPanel Database
  2. MachPanel Control Server
  3. MachPanel Remote Server

Manual Backup

  1. It is recommended to name the database backup files/Folders according to the current version of MachPanel. For example, backed up files must be placed under folder named (MP_Files_Backup_7220) and backed up database file must be saved as (MP_DB_Backup_7.2.20.bak)
  2. Similarly take backup of the MachPanel Remote Files. For example, backed up files for Remote Server must be saved under the folder (MP_Remote_Files_Backup_7220)

Backup Intervals:

  1. Database backup must be done daily. Again, it is necessary to know control panel version at the time of backup.
  2. Daily backup of MachPanel files is not required. However you may back up before making any changes to MachPanel Files i.e. before performing updates on MachPanel.
  3. Every time there is a version change. This way you will have files backed up on every version and restoration for our support department will be easy in case of any misfortune incident.

The backup details are explained below:

STEP 1: Backup MachPanel Control Server & Database:

In latest build i.e v7.2.35 and above, you can take backup of Control Panel and SQL database at specified locations and interval (Frequency & Time ).

  1. Navigate to Configure  Studio >> Software Backup.
  2. You can Enable Auto-Backup option and change Backup frequency and the backup location as well. Also you can auto-purge backups by selecting Keep Last (Select numbers).
  3. Backup Email Address: An email will be sent when backup is taken.
  4. Apply required setting and click on "Update Settings" When you have to take a fresh backup click on "Take Backup now". See Image in attachment.

STEP 2: Backup MachPanel Remote Server:

Manual Backup:

  1. Shut down the MachPanel Provisioning Service and also exit the Remote configuration studio. Make sure no instance to MachPanel Remote Configuration Studio is running under any user.
  2. Copy all the files from this path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Remote Server\ and place them at another safe location as backup.
  3. Backed up files for Remote Server must be saved under the folder (MP_Remote_Files_Backup_7220)
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