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RELNOTES:MachPanel 4.0 BUILD 30 Release Notes (September 24, 2009)


Release Date: September 24, 2009

1. Important Prerequisites
2. Upgrade Instructions
3. New Features/Improvements
4. Resolved Issues
5. Known Issues
Important Pre-requisites
1. MachPanel Control Server v.3.1.19
2. MachPanel Remote Server v.3.1.19
Upgrade Instructions
Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:
1. Update to Latest MachPanel
2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server
IMPORTANT - Update to MachPanel 4.0 Build 30: The update process followed in above knowledge base articles will automatically upgrade to latest build.

New Features/Improvements
  • Improvement: Improved customer account cancellation.
  • Improvement: Non Hosting product management added.
  • New Feature: MS Dynamics CRM integration.
  • Improvement: Added subscribe service section in Client dashboard and allow him to purchase services from client section.
  • New Feature: Notice for overdue invoices on client login.
  • Improvement: Improve suspend/resume of Hostmatic account for all supported providers.
  • Improvement: Improved 1st run screen design.
  • Improvement: Reduced time to activate licenses.
  • Improvement: User Principal Name (UPN) Management and DNS handling in Exchange.
  • New Feature: Store for CRM and SharePoint.
  • Improvement: Offline store UI and logic enhancement.
  • New Feature: MS FTP v.7 integration added.
  • New Feature: Quota verification on mailbox creation.
  • New Feature: Implementation of Reseller subscription suspension, resume and cancellation.
  • New Feature: Implementation of Client and Reseller account suspension feature.
  • New Feature: Simple DNS Implementation in Rename Domain and Domain Aliases interfaces.
  • Improvement: Inclusion of Disk & Bandwidth quota graphs at client side.
  • Improvement: Added Exchange Auto Profiler in HMC Case.
  • Improvement: Improvement of UI in Database management.
  • New Feature: Included Exchange segregation utility.
  • Improvement: Addition of Customer's Company Name in the Invoice.
  • New Feature: MYSql Support.
  • Improvement: Added Diagnostic feature to test connectivity with Remote Server.
  • Improvement: Allowing Offline payment option for add-on purchase.
  • New Feature: Included provision for direct email to support on error.
  • New Feature: Added notifications system facility.
  • New Feature: Bulk mailbox creation included.
  • New Feature: Progress visibility bar implemented at various interfaces.

Resolved Issues
  • Bug fixed: Error occurred when changed Control panel website Port in Configuration Studio.
  • Bug fixed: Error on Configuration Studio when entered invalid Port and host header name and request for update is executed.
  • Bug fixed: DB did not properly work when mode changed to integrated window authentication.
  • Bug fixed: When Clicked on Put On Hold Button of Particular Subscription it displayed Error Message.
  • Bug fixed: Error occurred on Reseller Notification.
  • Bug fixed: Incorrect alignment of Subscribe service icons on reseller screen (browser IE 8).
  • Bug fixed: @ sign was not accepted in Email field for search.
  • Bug fixed: On edit user and set Password field set as empty, it did not show error message.
  • Bug fixed: On Client end when clicked on "Make payment" button on Pay invoice screen, error occurs.
  • Bug fixed: On ticket screen, button visibility in browser IE but not in Firefox.
  • Bug fixed: Wrong limits depicted on Max sending message size limit (KB) & Max receiving size limit (KB) in exchange accounts.
  • Bug fixed: Put On Hold button did not work properly.
  • Bug fixed: User name field disabled in SQL 2008.
  • Bug fixed: When clicked on activate button and then save button it activated BlackBerry and displayed error message.
  • Bug fixed: Spell mistake of word "selected" at Server Groups interface.
  • Bug fixed: Data saved without adding anything in mandatory field of description in Email list.
  • Bug fixed: In email group screen, first column shown empty and alignment was incorrect.
  • Bug fixed: Error occurred when tried to add email group.
  • Bug fixed: SSL domain not displayed in Service Queue.
  • Bug fixed: Unexpected behavior for MS SQL 2005 test service.
  • Bug fixed: Error occurred when tried to remove database.
  • Bug fixed: No records found (SP_EM_H_GetSGMemberServerByServiceId '') when clicked on Add email group.
  • Bug fixed: Error while reading mail domain information. Details: No records found (SP_EM_H_GetMailDomain '') when clicked on Add mail domain alias.
  • Bug fixed: Allowed to move on to next step without filling mandatory field in SharePoint server group.
  • Bug fixed: Object reference not set to an instance error occurred when clicked on service management.
  • Bug fixed: Provisioning failed for reseller client.
  • Bug fixed: Subscription link not working in Organization management, in Exchange.
  • Bug fixed: DNS Templates section not working properly.
  • Bug fixed: Invalid email address populated in Email address box of FTP settings in FIlezilla case.
  • Bug fixed: In public folder, mailbox was not disallowed which was selected in "Allow Posting To" field while creating public folder.
  • Bug fixed: Error on invalid user name in FTP account name.
  • Bug fixed: Sub folder did not shown in Ftp browse screen.
  • Bug fixed: Close button in FTP did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Error when creating new reseller and accessing store configuration while clicking "New Order Form" button.
  • Bug fixed: Delete button Functionality, not working on MIME type Screen.
  • Bug fixed: Resources error displayed on edit password screen in SQL 2005.
  • Bug fixed: Smarter mail v.5 add domain fails.
  • Bug fixed: Error In Help Desk - Edit Rule.
  • Bug fixed: Search did not work on Subscription ID field in Service Management interface.
  • Bug fixed: Wrong domain name in parking page.
  • Bug fixed: Password was not saved for database users in SQL2008.
  • Bug fixed: Error occurs when trying to edit name server.
  • Bug fixed: Improper provisioning error log for Hostmatic.
  • Bug fixed: Sorting did not work on server group screen.
  • Bug fixed: Unable to Edit / Remove NS entries.
  • Bug fixed: In Shared Hosting Products "Scripting limitation" checks are not working.
  • Bug fixed: Remove cold fusion support did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Problem in adding FTP user.
  • Bug fixed: Unable search Reseller customers.

Known Issues

  • While creating new user, use keyboard to select customer's country, hit the enter key and instead of selecting that country (which is what normally happens in any web application) the form is submitted.
  • Cannot add Hostmatic Server group.
  • State issue: When 'US' is selected as country, it is not being pre-populated automatically.
  • Bulk Add mailboxes should not be used.
  • Distribution list name does not accept '.' in name field.

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