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HOW TO:MachPanel HelpDesk Configuration using OAuth based POP Account

Zohaib Shaikh


This article provides information about configuring the OAuth based POP Account in Office365 to be used in MachPanel HelpDesk.

Applies To

MachPanel v7.2.30 & above.


New service is configured as per article below:


In order to use an Office 365 / Microsoft 365 mailbox for email parsing by the Help Desk, you need to configure it in MachPanel:


Once done, the control panel will be able to parse emails and covert them to new tickets or add them to existing tickets (based on sender and email title / subject).

First you must configure the backend account in Office 365 / Microsoft 365. After that you will need to configure the MachPanel Control Panel HelpDesk using the configured account.

 Step 1: Account configuration in Office 365 / Microsoft 365:

Please follow steps below to configure email account on Office 365 / Microsoft 365:


Register your application in Azure Portal



Add permissions to your application.

Select APIs my organization uses and search for “Office 365 Exchange Online

click Application permissions:

Grant admin consent: