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INFO:OWA Policy Handling in MachPanel

Rehan Waseem


This article provide information about OWA policy handling added in MachPanel build v7.3.20

Applied To

Applies to version 7.3.20 and above

Important Note

On previous builds we create OWA policy for each mailbox, which as per Microsoft slows down Exchange server updates. As the policy options are mostly same for all mailboxes in single or mutliple organizations on platform, it was decided to improve OWA policy handling.


When you updated your MachPanel to the latest build (v7.3.20) following happens:

  • OWA policy settings section in Package/Addons/Templates are removed.
  • Default OWA policy is created under Server Group and provisioned on Exchange Server.
  • OWA policy are created under each Org too, there are 2 types, 1 that is inherited from Server Group global level and other is Custom created under Org management.
  • Update checks mailbox settings in database and auto create policies under Org to assign to specific mailboxes.
  • Old OWA policies assigned to Mailboxes are replaced with new shared policy value as per mailbox settings and old per mailbox policy is deleted from backend. (It may take several hours, performed in Exchange Group Jobs processing thread).
  • Customer can mark a policy as default, this policy is assigned when new mailbox is created.
  • Customer can change OWA policy against Mailboxes later under Org > OWA policy tab.
OWA Policy Handling

For more details abour OWA Policy handling please review below KB article under the section shown in screenshot:

  • OWA Mailbox Policies
    • When a new server group is added, OWA policy is automatically added with default values in Database and within few minutes the policy get created on backend Exchange too. (When policy is created or modified, edit/remove buttons become disable)
    • You can also create OWA mailbox policy as provider under the Server Group Setting
    • You can give the policy name, choose your Server Group and then select Customers or select All



  • Then you can check/uncheck Communication Management resources


  • Similarly check/uncheck resources for Information Management, Security, User Experience, Time Management, File Access and Offline Access

  • At the end check/uncheck OWA features


  • Once Save it will apply to all of the mailboxes of the customer selected while creation of this OWA Policy and can be seen under Exchange Account Management interface as shown below:


  • You can also create Policy under the Account management and apply to its selected mailboxes

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