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HOTFIX:Hotfix for MachPanel Build v7.3.20 HF Updated (June 13, 2024)

Rehan Waseem


This article provides 7.3.20 HF and information about how to apply this fix on your servers.

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This article applies to MachPanel

Important Note
Latest Issues Fixed

Build: 7.3.20 HF Updated: June 13, 2024

1: Fixed error in displaying Control Server logs in Logs Explorer.
2: About MachPanel is removed from Customer and Reseller interface.
3: Added update CN on UPN change in Add Active Directory.
4: Fixed SSL setting display issue in Health > Compliance.
5: Fixed On UPN change additional email address is added but not being set as primary in exchange mailbox.
6: Enhancement: On UPN change from AD User interface, new UPN is set as mailbox primary email.
7: Fixed error in VPS provisioning due to wrong table in stored procedure.
8: Fixed VHD archive on deletion not working as needed.
9: Fixed VM preview image not working.
10:Added VPS location settings in Add/Edit Server in VPS Standalone Server Group.
11:Fixed "Unable to cast object of type 'System' to type 'DataModels'" in ADUser certificate management.
12:Implemented auto cancellation O365 jobs related to a tenant if tenant management is disabled.
13:Added Sync All users action in O365 User Group Operations.
14:Enhanced DB Backup email handling, email is not sent to anyone if email is not configured.
15:Fixed issue in Recycle Bin/Recovery showing unrelated Customer data.
16:Added CentOS7 under OS types in Hyper-V.
17:Auto add .onmicrosoft alias in o365 handled.
18:Fixed quota value displayed for disk space on Add VPS screen.
19:Enhanced O365 Subscription interface import feature to show Subscription Id.
20:Fixed Object Reference error when updating a subscription quantity in O365.
21:UPN and Email are set in lower case in Bulk Mailbox creation.
22:Allowed multiple server groups assigned to Reseller plan in VPS module to reseller for customer subscription assignment.
23:Issue in Mailbox Recycle Bin and Recovery handling fixed where Mailbox does not appear in Recovery.
24:Fixed issue in Disclaimer add/edit due to Left an Right double quotation mark used in disclaimer body.
25:Fixed GUID related error in O365 subscription import.
26:Bandwidth Quota display issue fixed in VPS module.
27:Authentication as ADUser for Customer/Contact added for ADSync client.
28:User selection in AD/Mailbox Group Actions is changed to match full UPN.
29:Added optional field for Registration Id in O365 order form.
30:Handled Primary server Health report not getting populated due to DB error.
31:Fixed no record found error in VPS Setup.
32:Handled email aliases in ADUser, Mailbox, Groups group actions search filter.
33:Added handling to avoid DeadLock Victim error.
34:AD User password settings job added if the setting is not getting applied in Create Mailbox for tracking and re-try.
35:Verified if AD User password setting job sets value as needed, if settings from backend does not match, job fails and re-try is done.
36:Improved handling to avoid DeadLock Victim error.
37:Wrong OSName in VM listing fixed.
38:Audit Log listing performance improved by using paging at SQL Server.
39:Handled error in Export to Excel when XLSX format is used and string field lenght exceed 255 chars: The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data. 250 chars wil be exported.
40:Fixed Storage type issue in VM import.
41:Fixed error in getting virtual switch in Cluster environment.
42:Updated handling for Message Copy setting in MB Permission for User Mailboxes.
43:Fixed issue in MFA handling when Duo is configured.

  • Go to MachPanel configuration studio.
  • Shut down all the MachPanel services and also exit the configuration studio. Make sure no instance to MachPanel Configuration Studio is running under any user.


  • Download the hotfix file from the link at bottom of this page.
  • Stop IIS Admin Service, please make sure that all the services are STOPPED from MachPanel Configuration Studio. Verify from "Task Manager" that the following services are not running.
  1. MachSol.MachPanel Provisioning Service.
  2. MachSol.MachPanel.ConfigurationStudio.exe.
  3. MachPanel Billing Service.
  4. MachPanel Helpdesk Service.
  5. MachPanel Network Service.
  6. MachPanel License Service.
  7. MachPanel O365 Service.​​
  • Replace files from MachPanel folder on MachPanel control server (Path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Control Serverand Replace files from Remote server folder (if it exists) of hotfix folder on MachPanel remote server (C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Remote Serverkeeping the folder hierarchy same as it is in hotfix. (you should get message to overwrite files, if not you are not doing it right).

  • Execute script.txt from zip file on MachPanel_Db after logging in to SQL management studio as MachPanel_Db user.
  • Once all files are replaced properly from hotfix folder Restart all services related to MachPanel on Control as well as Remote Servers.
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