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INFO:Multi-tenancy on all levels on front end and backend

Mudesira Munir


It provides summary on Multi-tenancy and segregation supported by MachPanel.

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This article applies to MachPanel.

Multi-tenancy on all levels on front end and backend

There are two aspects to it:

  1. Front-end: What is presented on web interface of panel is fully isolated and the information shown to a user at one level is only visible to the rightful user.
  2. Back-end: The users in AD (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for business) do not see objects outside of their organization. ADSync solution also caters multi-tenancy by design and any customer who has subscribed for services on hosted AD or even if they have users on hosted AD without any service, the ADSync tool will allow them to sync information from local AD to Hosted AD.

Provider, Reseller, Customer and AD User will be able to see only the objects they should have control on:

This means that a user created with rights to one level will not be able to see information above or in parallel to that level. 

  1. Provider will be able to see everything that is there in the panel and its staff access is customizable to the extent desired by provider.
  2. Reseller is only able to see information related to itself and customers owned by that reseller. Reseller staff access is customizable to the extent desired by reseller. Reseller is not able to see information or customers of provider or other resellers. 
  3. Customer is only able to see information related to it and only manage organization that it owns. Customer can have contacts who act as staff of that customer. Customer can define the level of access for Contacts as well.
  4. AD User can only see information related to it and not for any other user on the platform.

Provider, Reseller, Customer and AD User will be able to perform day to day management operations via the web portal to meet their needs.

  1. Provider will be able to integrate with desired backend (AD, Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and Customer ADSync).
  2. Provider will be able to customize and configure the system suitable to their business needs.
  3. Provider and Resellers will be able to subscribe customers to services and then manage those services.
  4. Customers will be allowed to manage their organizations themselves using the self-service web portal.
  5. AD Users will be able to login to portal and update their information.

Information can be synchronized from Customer AD to provider’s hosted AD using ADSync. The tool allows complete control over which OU and Users on local AD to map with Users on Hosted AD.

  1. On MachPanel Side, the Provider can allow to enable ADSync for an organization via the Web Portal.
  2. On Local AD side, the customer has choice to deploy the ADSync Tool and map local OU individually or even map a root OU so that users from all Sub OUs are also listed in mapping interface.
  3. Using MachPanel Credentials, a customer can locate his hosted organization and then be able to map local users with hosted users. 
  4. The tool allows automatic mapping and automatic creation from local user to hosted user side.
  5. The information is synchronized almost instantly and seamlessly from Local AD to Hosted AD.

MachPanel System:

MachPanel is the right solution to suite business case required by any entity as it is fully multi-tenant not only at front end level, but also ensures the same on backend.

On front end there are following types of Logins

  1. Provider
  2. Reseller
  3. Customer 
  4. AD user (created after subscription)

Level of access for Provider/Reseller/Customer is defined by the login account being used.

Level of access for AD User is determined by a check box on the login page, selecting it checks the user credentials against the authentication in AD.

Secondly, MachPanel is again the rightful choice because it maintains the same level of Multi-Tenancy on Organization level and for all its users on the backend infrastructure level.

Last but not the least, the panel wins the slot as an enterprise management and automation tool as it is a feature-rich product that offers all the management capabilities required to meet day to day needs.



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