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HOW TO:Configure Direct Routing Calling Plans

Mudesira Munir


This article provides brief detail to manage CSP service i.e. how to configure direct routing calling plans under CSP tenant.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v6.2.10 and above.

Configure Direct Routing Calling Plans:

 First of all make sure that you have assigned direct routing resources in CSP service plan and Manage Tenant using panel is enabled as shown below:

Now, Navigate to the following path: Home » Service Director » Microsoft CSP Management » Accounts. From Options column select Manage. Select Direct Routing tab.

You can configure following under Direct Routing tab as shown below:

    1. Configuration
    2. Assignments
    3. Audio Conferencing
    4. Phone Numbers
    5. Service Phone Numbers
    6. Dial Plan
    7. Resources

    Configuration: First of all configure direct routing for domain.

    • Domain: Select domain to configure direct routing. Click Verify Domain
    • Activate Direct Routing: Click assign License.

     Click Finish when completed.


    1. Under Assignments section you can Assign Direct Routing to Users/Resources. You can also use excel to assign direct routing in bulk.
    2. Sync Users and Resources which already have assigned direct routing / phone numbers at backend CSP

    Audio Conferencing: Under Audio conferencing section you can assign and select phone numbers for audio conferencing.

    Phone Numbers: You can Add Phone numbers, Search and remove under Phone Numbers section:

    Dial Plans: You can add Rules & Dial Plans under Direct Routing.

    Click Add Rule to add a new normalization rule.

    1. Name: Provide name of rule.
    2. Description: Provide description. Note: Must include description with slash like 'Global/InternationalRule1'
    3. Pattern: Provide pattern.  Note: A regular expression that the dialed number must match in order for this rule to be applied.
      Default: ^(\d{11})$ (Any set of numbers up to 11 digits.)
    4. Translation: Provide translation. Note: The regular expression that will be applied to the number to convert it to E.164 format. Default: +$1 (Prefixes the number with a plus sign [+].)
    5. Default Rule: Select check box to set as default.

    Click Save when done.