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HOW TO:Create Shared & Resource mailbox in CSP/O365/NCE

Mudesira Munir

This article provides brief detail to manage CSP service i.e. how to manage Shared & Resource Mailboxes under CSP/Office365/NCE tenant.
Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel build v6.2.10 and above.
Creating Shared/Resource Mailboxes:
  • Navigate to the following path: Home » Service Director » Microsoft CSP Management » Accounts.
  • From Options column select Manage. You can Add Shared and Resource Mailboxes under their respective tabs.


  • Provide Display Name, UPName, select Licenses, provide Exchange properties and Save.


    Click Plus sign to expand and set required Exchange Properties. It includes

    1. General settings
    2. Customer Attributes
    3. Email Addresses
    4. Mailbox Features
      1. Policies
        1. Sharing Policy
        2. Role Assignment Policy
        3. Retention policy
        4. ActiveSync enabled
      2. Email Connectivity
        1. OWA
        2. IMAP
        3. POP3
        4. MAPI
        5. Mailbox Archive
      3. Mail Flow Settings
        1. Enable email forwarding
      4. Message Size Restrictions
        1. Maximum sent message size (KB)
        2. Maximum received message size (KB)
      5. Message Delivery Restrictions
        1. Accept messages from
        2. Require that all senders are authenticated
        3. Reject message from
    5. Permissions
      1. Send As
      2. Full Access
    6. Calendar Permissions

    Select the Skype for Business features you would like to have for the Shared Mailbox. It includes

    1. General Settings
    2. External Communications
    3. Dial-in Conferencing
    Creating Resource Mailboxes (Room, Equipment)

    Under Resource Mailboxes tab you can select Room and Equipment Mailboxes as shown below:

      Provide User Display Name and User Principal Name.In Licenses Section, Select location and select licenses.

      Provide Exchange Properties and select other features as required.

      Under General Settings section provide following:

      1. User Display Name: Provide User friendly name of room mailbox.
      2. User Principal Name: Provide UPName of Mailbox.

       Under Licenses provide following:

      1. Usage Location: Select Location.
      2. Assign Licenses: Select Licenses.

      Under Exchange Properties section you can provide following information.

      1. General Settings: You can select and provide following in general settings.
        1. Email alias name : Provide email alias name.
        2. Resource Capacity: Provide resource capacity.
        3. Hide from Exchange Address Lists: Check if you want to hide from Exchange address list
        4. Language: Select Language
        5. Time zone: Select Time zone.
        6. Manager: Select Manager.
      2. Custom Attributes: Select Custom Attributes for the Shared Mailbox.
      3. Email Addresses: Provide here email address.
      4. Mailbox features: You can provide following mailbox features for shared mailboxes.
        1. Policies
          1. Sharing Policy: Select sharing policy.
          2. Role Assignment Policy: Select role assignment policy.
          3. Retention policy: Select retention policy.
          4. ActiveSync enabled: Check to enable ActiveSync.
        2. Email Connectivity
          1. OWA Enabled: Check to enable OWA.
          2. IMAP Enabled: Check to enable IMAP.
          3. POP3 Enabled:Check to enable POP3.
          4. MAPI Enabled: Check to enable MAPI.
        3. Mailbox Archive: Check to enable Mailbox Archive and provide Mailbox archive name.
        4. Mail Flow Settings: Check this option to Enable email forwarding and select from the dropdown list.
      5. Message Size Restrictions
        1. Maximum sent message size (KB): Provide size in KB.
        2. Maximum received message size (KB): Provide size in KB.
      6. Message Delivery Restrictions: Select senders as per requirement.
        1. Accept messages from: Select one of following: a). All senders b). Only senders in the following list
        2. Require that all senders are authenticated: Check to enable this option
        3. Reject message from: a). No senders b). Senders in the following list
      7. Booking Settings
        1. Booking Delegates
          1. Booking requests: Select one of the following for booking requests
            1. Accept or decline booking requests automatically
            2. Select delegates who can accept or decline booking requests
          2. Booking Options
            1. Specify when this room can be scheduled: You have following option in booking.
              1. Allow repeating meetings: Check this option to enable repeated meeting.
              2. Process external meeting messages: Check box.
              3. Allow scheduling only during working hours: Check this option to book during office hrs only.
              4. Always decline if the end date is beyond this limit: Check to enable this option
              5. Maximum booking lead time (days): Provide no of days.
              6. Maximum duration (hours): Provide duration in hrs.
            2. If you want the meeting organizer to receive a reply, enter the text below: Enter reply here.
      8. Mailbox Permissions: You can select mailboxes for Send As, and Full Access Permissions.
      9. Calendar Permissions: Click Add Permission to add calendar permissions, Select Member and Permission Level and save.
      Click Save when done.
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