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HOW TO:How To Create VPS (Hyper -V) Service Plan?

Mudesira Munir


This article provides information on how to add Hyper-V packages/service plan in MachPanel.

Applies To

This article applies to all build versions of MachPanel.

Create Hyper-V Service Plan

To add a new Hyper -V package/service plan navigate to following path: Home » Service Plans » VPS Hosting

Automation Module for VPS allows you to add hosting products for your customers. It includes following:

  1. Reseller Product Listing
  2. Customer Product Listing
  3. Add-ons Management

 Click on Add New Product button. When the page loads, you will see the following settings.

Basic: Under Basic tab you need to select the Hyper -V Server and provide other settings.

  1. Product Type: VPS Hosting from the drop-down list is selected.
  2. Product Name: Enter the name of your product.
  3. Provider: Select Hyper-V as a provider.
  4. Server Group: Select the desired server group from the drop down list.
  5. Single VM: Select If you want to enable it for single VM.
  6. On Cancellation Remove VM Data From Backend: If checked it will remove the VM from the backend too, else it will only remove the VM record from MachPanel database.
  7. Metered Billing: Select if you want to enable Metered billing for resellers and customers.
  8. TS Gateway FQDN: Provide TS gateway FQDN.
  9. Is Active: Select No if you want to disable this product selling.
  10. Allow Prorate: Select Yes if you want to allow pro-rated billing (applicable only if billing system is in Pro-rate mode).
  11. Associate Addon: You may want to associate add-on with this product. Your choices are:
    1. Optional
    2. Required
    3. Suppressed
  12. Date: This is date set by the system (not editable).
  13. Sync sold plan resources: Check this option in order to Sync resources to sold existing subscriptions associated with the package. Note: If this checkbox is checked, product name, comments, Edu discount bit, plan resources will be updated in sold subscription resources. Changing plan resources does not auto update entities like Mailbox or Skype4B User settings. Skype4B plan or addon is not updated if it is assigned to user already.
  14. Enabled For Commission Reseller(s): If you check this option the Customer Product Plan will be enabled for Commission type Resellers. (Visible only if Commission Type Reseller option is enabled in Built-in Module.)
    1. All Resellers
    2. Select Resellers


    14. Product Comments: Enter any comments you to associate with this product. These comments show up on the store-front when this product is selected.