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HOW TO:Reseller Agreement Terms

Mudesira Munir


This article provide a summary for enabling reseller agreements on E-commerce(store).

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v6.0.32.

Enable Reseller Agreement Terms

  • Navigate to the following path: Home > System Configuration > Built-in Modules
  • Commision Based reseller: Check and provide Custom label. Click Show terms

  • Subscription Based reseller: Check and provide Custom label. Click Show terms.
  • Enable reseller sign up request form: Check option.
  • Reseller credit profile validation product ID: Enter Production id of any service Plan that can be used for credit validation (make transaction), like misc product.

Note: Please create a Misc. product with payment cycle as Once and all configured payment groups selected. Set desired amount you want to charge on reseller registration verification. To verify reseller credit profile, system will sell this product to new reseller and attempt to process the transaction. If the transaction is successful, an auto credit will be added against reseller. If transaction is not successful, the reseller registration fails and returns error as 'Credit profile validation failed'.

Click Update Configuration when done.

Partner Details on E-commerce(Store)

You can see the how the store will look like:

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